Caring for people, caring for the environment

We are happy to work with some of the most forward-thinking brands in creating the future models for sustainable designs, production, and materials. Changing old well-established business models is not easy and takes leadership and open collaboration.

'In LTP we engage 100% into this transformation – obviously because it is meaningful to protect both our people and the planet.'

But also because we believe that delivering sustainable solutions is the future for being in business

UN Global Compact Principles

LTP Group adhere to the ten UN Global Compact Principles based on internationally adopted declarations and conventions in the 4 following areas:

○ Human rights ○ Labor standards ○ Environment ○ Anti-corruption

Sustainable Development Goals

By LTP's participation in the SDG Accelerator Program, LTP in addition participated to engage the Danish midsize industry’s commitment in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by UN. We took a special focus on:

These principles are the overall framework to guide our policies and processes as we actively bring improvement ideas for our partners.

We believe corporate sustainability starts with the values, and in LTP the fundamentals of the operations are anchored herein: CARE – TRUST – CHALLENGE. Values that tie us together across countries and cultures.

Being sustainable is not only essential to future-proof business, but it is also crucial for humanity to operate within planetary boundaries and to meet the needs of future generations. 
That’s why we say:

‘Consciously Crafted by LTP’