Why work with us

Top modern lean factories

Come and visit our factories in Lithuania and see how we manufacture +2 mill furniture items in more than 5000 fabrics. We would like to show what we believe is the strongest manufacturing solution for contract furniture in Europe.

All our factories are working with a lean oriented layout, where we everyday work to optimize and streamline our flow of people, materials, and information.

We are focusing on Total Quality Management (TQM). The goal is to achieve long-term customer satisfaction by steady improvements in the quality of all stages in the production.

Cutting of fabric and leather is automated and controlled with advanced IT system and fabric can pass our fabric inspection equipment before going into production.

Production lines are optimized with conveyer lines and robots, and warehousing with latest Warehouse Management System. Come and see how we organize the quality systems that secure best-in-class delivery precision's.

Innovate with specialists

We love to develop new products and work with forward-thinking brands. We offer all our customers to come and work with our internal team of technicians to support you in making prototypes. During the workshop you will get a good feeling for design possibilities/constraints and the visual feeling of the product.

We have a large team of people working in our Innovation Center to support our customers with prototyping new projects and re-engineering.

You get access to our Project Management tools that ensure Time-To-Market and our  alignment and process and deadlines.

Your sourcing partner

LTP has a network of more than 600 suppliers who are specialized in molded foam, cut foam, metal bases, molded plywood,fittings, fabrics, and etc. Working with LTP you will have access to this network of suppliers.

The Baltic area is one of the furniture Metropoles in Europe. Within a radius of 2 hours from our factories, we have our main suppliers located. By having all types of furniture component suppliers in a nearby proximity, we can support you with a very strong Supply Chain.

LTP can also support you with local production in the United States of America through our partner located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the USA, we can also support you with local sourced components and offer a make-buy analysis to determine if components should be imported from Europe.

Trusted & reliable partner

All we know, we learned together with some of the most professional and demanding brands in the industry. We fine-tuned LTP to serve as a 100% OEM partner for brands and manufacturers of design and office furniture.We are independent of fabric suppliers, we own no trademarks or products, we are just here to serve forward-thinking furniture brands.

We measure our performance as a Swiss watch. Quality. Delivery safety. Speed. Cost efficiency. This is how we create customer value. We spice it up with strong involvement in how we co-create products together, how we build smart supply chains, how we work with sustainability and how we stay in front with technology.

We are certified and have audits. ISO-9001 Quality Management System (QMS). Möbel-fakta. FSC.

We believe in long term partnerships and working closely together as if we were one body. We would be happy to share our reference with you. Reliability is something you can only earn from real life.

Consignment stock

At our warehouse in Lithuania we have a consignment stock of +150 high runner fabrics from Kvadrat and Camira. Customers who are tapping into fabrics from consignment stock on their product scan benefit from shorter lead times, higher on-time delivery performance and savings on transportation costs.

The stock is frequently adjusted in co-operation with Kvadrat and Camira to accommodate our customers’ needs and to ensure that the bestselling styles are always in consignment stock.

Creating digital solutions

Being one of the leading OEM furniture manufactures in Europe requires the highest level of integration with customers. At LTP, we strive to bring added value to our customers through digital solutions.

Order flow is handled through direct EDI integration into the latest ERP system, where customers can access order status through our online partner portal. Warehouses are handled through a professional Warehouse Management System where all goods are barcoded and scanned into bin locations.

The production is using the latest technology for our leather and fabric cutters and robots are ensuring high quality levels.

LTP can support direct IT integration with eCommerce companies for order handling and logistic shipping solutions though our integrated Transport Administration (TA) System. In the TA-system, orders can be booked directly to the carrier, labels printed, shipping documents printed and it is also possible to integrate Track and Trace (T&T) functions with the carrier.