Why work with us

Global leader & trendsetter in furniture outsourcing

We are a global leader and trendsetter in furniture outsourcing. As a trusted and reliable partner, we specialize in long-term partnerships. Each year, we produce over two million made-to-order products out of over 5000 various fabrics to help meet the rapidly growing demands of our clients.

LEAN production facility

Turnkey production supplier

As a turnkey production supplier, we support you throughout the whole process from product development to mass production including assembly, packaging, logistics and direct-to-customer delivery.

With Transparent communication and product development we keep you in the loop every step of the way. In addition, our customer service is always available for you.

Production partner consulting

Fully owned modern, technically innovative, lean production facilities

We have six fully owned modern, technically innovative, lean production facilities strategically located around the globe for smooth, accurate, quick nearshoring production.

We offer the most advanced, fully-integrated digital solutions.  LTP Furniture can support direct IT integration for everything from order flow and stock (with use of barcodes) to warehouse/transport management and shipping via partner portal.


Our network of 600 suppliers/specialists & 300 material/trim suppliers

Access to our network of 600 suppliers/specialists& 300 material/trim suppliers, each with a focus on superior quality and sustainability in their own niche: molded foam, cut foam, metal bases, molded plywood, fittings, fabrics, etc.

Leather material

Consignment stock

Benefit from our consignment stock: 200+fabrics always in stock for ultra-quick turnaround time and savings on transportation costs.

camira & kvadrat names

Consciously Crafted

All products are Consciously Crafted 
We firmly stand by our public mission of sustainable and ethical production as a manufacturer, from sourcing to delivery.

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