23.500 trees saved with LTP's Green Energy

January 2021

23.500 trees saved with LTP's Green Energy - Consciously Crafted Program

Since 2017, hundreds of solar panels have been attached to the factory roof at LTP Texdan, saving more than 23.500 trees and still counting. LTP was one of the first locations in the city of Kedainiai to get solar panels installed.

Solar panels on TEXDAN rooftop in Lithuania. Image Source: LTP Group

Why this? Because it is an important step in the ‘Consciously Crafted by LTP’ strategy where our aim is to become CO2 neutral.

During the last years, LTP has been able to lower the CO2 emissions in the furniture production by using solar panels, and by the end of 2019 the remaining energy need was converted to green energy. With these changes, in 2020, LTP Texdan was powered by 100% green energy.  Green energy is controlled by the Lithuanian Energy Ministry and secures that LTP’s electricity is a mix of renewable energy sources like water, sun, wind energy and biomass.

Henrik Holmgaard Olsson, CEO in LTP Furniture says:

“During the last 3 years, we have worked to lower our emissions. We succeeded in a combination of installing solar panels, buying Green Energy and moving our operation into new and more energy efficient buildings”.

Henrik continues:

“This is just the beginning of our journey to become CO2 neutral, which is one of our goals in our Consciously Crafted by LTP strategy”.

This year LTP has just renewed the Certificate of Green Energy, being valid for the next two years to come.

Green Energy Certificate - valid for the coming 2 years.

Since 2017 where the solar panels were installed, LTP has produced 234.000 kWh of electric power.
To illustrate just how much that is here are some examples:

23 500trees - Saved CO2 equivalents (app. 10 kwh green electric power saves 1 tree)

469.000 km. for an electrical car

Source: https://renvia.cloudindustries.eu/lightview/ltptexdan

We made it our mission to care – for our customers, employees, and the planet. We challenge the standards of yesterday and keep raising the bar for responsible and transparent production. We are focused on reducing emissions and using sustainable resourcesWe challenge ourselves and our partners to rethink the full supply-chain to make effective solutions protecting our earth.

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