Live virtual production tours

October 2020

How to react, when the circumstances obstruct the possibility of meeting physically with your clients? This, LTP Furniture Division has the perfect answer to!

By offering a virtual tour around the facilities to existing customers, LTP can once again ‘open their doors’ and allow customers to visit.

What initially seems like a simple idea, has turned out to be very effective and a fantastic solution to keep speed and momentum in the business.
Now, the customers discover how they can save time and resources on travels. The speed of the process is much faster, they can sit at home – and most importantly, they can now bring more decision makers to the meeting. This means that more people now gain insight to the processes, productions facilities, meeting the people of LTP and much more.

Roberta on a virtual factory tour with a customer / LTP Group

Jovaras Bagdonas, Head of Sales Development explains:

“We can actually custom design each virtual tour, depending on the customers' specific needs. We do a live tour around the factory, with direct contact to the customer, so they can ask questions during the tour. This is super agile, and we have only experienced positive feedback from the customers, that have already converted a physical visit with a virtual tour”.

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