1 Year Anniversary in LTP Furniture in Mexico

March 2023

Today marks the first anniversary of our production workers at LTP Furniture in Mexico.

It's been a year of learning, dedication, and growth. Our manufacturing team has played a vital role in ensuring LTP Furniture has grown into a global company where we can support our customers with a local OEM production setup for nearshoring premium furniture for the North American market.

Celebrations in Mexico

LTP Furniture is proud of our production team and the work they have accomplished over the last year. Their contributions are much appreciated, and we want to take this opportunity to thank them. We also want to thank our Lithuanian team for the continuous support they have given our team in Mexico to help them duplicate our setup from Europe to North America.  

To celebrate this milestone, LTP bought some traditional cakes, handed over by our CEO, Henrik Holmgaard Olsson, and our Plant Director, Sophie Sharp. They also talked about the last year with the two colleagues in production who had their first anniversary. We hope this anniversary will be the first of many more to come.

LTP Furniture is ready to take on your outsourcing furniture products, including sofas & soft seating, poufs, lounges, chairs, and covers of various kinds. Do you want to know about your outsourcing opportunities? Contact us here.

About LTP Group A/S

LTP Group A/S is a privately Danish-owned company consisting of two divisions: LTP Garment and LTP Furniture. From 12 privately owned factories in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Vietnam, Romania, and Mexico, we produce clothing and furniture for more than 100 recognized brands worldwide. LTP's head office is in Copenhagen, Denmark. LTP Group A/S was established in 1991 and now employs 2,700+ dedicated employees and has a turnover of 100+ million EUR with solid financial results.