A New Take on Textile Design with 3D Trims – a partnership between LTP and MAB:

April 2024

In the world of textile design, 3D rendering technology is changing the game, empowering designers with new dimensions of creativity and efficiency. LTP has partnered with MAB, one of our suppliers of elastic bands from Italy, to harness this transformative potential.

“LTP is the most advanced partner with regards to this innovation: managing 3D ready components and incorporating digital renderings as standard procedures to brands offering.”

- Giovanni Bernareggi, Key Account Manager, MAB

This season, MAB and LTP have unveiled digitalized files for three core elastics: the Clean Cut Gripper with Silicone Texture, the Silicone Logo in Dotted Pattern, and the Mesh Elastic with Holes. These innovative solutions hold promise for various garment applications, particularly in the realm of bibs, where LTP boasts extensive experience.

LTP 3D Visualization of MAB elastic band

Top 3 Capabilities

1. Customization:

By harnessing the power of 3D rendering, designers gain unparalleled flexibility to customize trim designs. With the ability to adjust parameters such as pattern size, color, texture, and placement in real-time, designers can create personalized products tailored to individual customer preferences.

2. Virtual Sampling:

3D rendering technology revolutionizes textile design by offering realistic simulation and visualization. Designers can now assess trim options digitally, observing how they drape, fold, stretch, and interact with the garment. This streamlines decision-making on trim selection and material choices. Additionally, 3Drendering creates lifelike virtual representations of fabrics and garments, eliminating the need for physical prototypes. Virtual sampling becomes faster and more efficient, allowing designers to share ideas digitally with clients and collaborators.

3. Cost and Time Efficiency:

Traditional textile design methods often entail significant time and resource investments in iterative prototyping. However, 3Drendering streamlines this process, allowing designers to iterate rapidly, make on-the-fly adjustments, and visualize the final product without the need for costly physical prototypes. Additionally, the new digital trim files offer substantial time savings within 3D design programs, reducing manual adjustments and iteration cycles.

Testing and Implementation:

The LTP team has been actively testing the new files in the 3D style development process. Initial trials of the elastic band 3D files in CLO3D have yielded promising results, with 3D designers noting a boost inefficiency during the design process.

“We anticipate that the virtual simulations will more accurately represent the behavior of elastic bands in comparison to real-world scenarios.”

- Liuda Malisauskiene, Construction Manager

Benefiting from an extensive 3D fabrics library, LTP further enhances its capability to offer precise 3D samples by integrating the new 3D trims into the CLO3D platform. This integration strengthens our commitment to providing accurate and comprehensive design and development solutions for our customers.


LTP 3D Visualization

A sincere thanks goes out to Giovanni Bernareggi, Key Account Manager at MAB S.p.A., and our talented 3D Construction Manager Liuda Malisauskiene and Purchase Manager Laura Didziokiene from LTP, for their pivotal roles in bringing this project to life.

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