End of year in LTP Furniture: Thank you for 2022

December 2022

As 2022 is soon coming to an end, we would like to share some of the milestones in LTP Furniture with you and give you a little insight into a few of the new things we can support you with in 2023. 

We sent out our first order from our plant in Saltillo, Mexico. Later in the year, we got approved for the IMMEX program in North America to reduce import duties on components to Mexico.

We had our grand opening of our streamlined Bed & Sofa cover factory opening in Šilalė, Lithuania. A day we celebrated with an official Grand Opening Event with the entire team and some prominent people from the area.

We got ISO-14001 certified in Europe, and we have recently had our first audit in the STeP certification by Oeko-Tex, which we passed.

We have signed a long-term contract (power purchasing agreement) with Green Genius to buy the maximum allowed amount of solar electricity for our factories in Lithuania.

We continued to add more information in our online Partner Portal, and much more will come in 2023.

We celebrated 30 years for LTP Group in Lithuania. A day spent with our 600 Lithuanian colleagues.

We have launched our new concept called Development Accelerator, where we work towards bettering our overall sampling production for Sofa & Soft seating products. 

Some of the achievements of our Development Accelerator this year are:

  • That we are ready with reverse engineering with our new 3D scanner.
  • That we can engineer and visualize your furniture as a virtual prototype.
  • That we have opened our new Wood factory in Kėdainiai, Lithuania, for in-house sofa frame production

For the coming year of 2023, we will, among others, continue to expand our capabilities in our Development Accelerator and our Sofa & Soft Seating production. Further, we will make leaps in our North American setup and announce exciting news about our sustainable solutions.

LTP Furniture wants to take this opportunity to thank our partners for the business in 2022. We look forward to continuing our journey together in 2023. 

About LTP Group A/S

LTP Group A/S is a privately Danish-owned company consisting of two divisions: LTP Garment and LTP Furniture. From 12 privately owned factories in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Vietnam, Romania, and Mexico, we produce clothing and furniture for more than 100 recognized brands worldwide. LTP's head office is in Copenhagen, Denmark. LTP Group A/S was established in 1991 and now employs 2,700+ dedicated employees and has a turnover of 100+ million EUR with solid financial results.