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July 2023

LTP Furniture have invested time and resources into the Development Accelerator Program to better our time to market for new products while reducing testing loops and material waste.

At LTP Furniture we pay attention to our Development Accelerator Program, focusing on 3D development capabilities to assist our customers in bringing their Sofa& Soft Seating furniture to market with speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

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LTP co-creation and engineering capabilities

The 3D software is engineered so that we will be able to take a simple design sketch or 3D models to design a virtual inner construction complete with frame, foam and textiles. The software will be able to guide us, indicating where adjustments need to be made before creating the physical product, thereby decreasing the extent of testing loops. Even before creating a prototype with actual materials, we can resolve constructional issues and optimize the use of materials with the minimal amount of waste. The ability to develop foam, frame and upholstery reduces industrialization time by virtually 30%. This software is engineered to transfer 3D models and design changes to 2D ready-to-cut patterns and automatically create technical specifications and cutting plans for pre-production.

The precise measurements provided by the scanner ensure that the resulting 3D models are accurate representations of the original objects. Overall, the 3D scanner offers a powerful solution for reverse engineering furniture classics, enabling LTP in efficiently creating digital models, obtaining precise measurements, and streamlining the process of reproducing or modifying these designs.

According to Aurimas Šiurna, R&D Manager;

’Our partners will love this software, as it will take LTP’s product development process to the next level. It will decrease the time to market and reduce prototyping and manufacturing costs.

By eliminating the need for loop testing and shortening the sampling process, we can offer a faster time to market while fostering the development of a more sustainable design process by minimizing the number of physical samples. From 3D design freeze, meaning when the design drawings have been approved, our goal is to build a sample in just days with a 1-loop of samples before starting the industrialization phase.

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The Benefits of our 3D visualisation Software

There are numerous benefits of virtual furniture prototyping software that will help us better serve our customers:

  • Enhanced co-creation
  • Improved engineering and style development capabilities
  • Less loop testing
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced costs in prototyping
  • Guaranteed pattern quality
  • Enhanced customer service with realistic3D visualisation
  • A more sustainable sample production


If you don't have a drawing of your old classics, LTP can reverse engineer your product with our 3D scanner and, afterward, optimize your design in our 3D software. In the end, you can choose from different-priced furniture components to finalize the revival of your classic piece of furniture. Do you want to know more about your furniture development opportunities? Contact us here.

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