Introducing The Colour Stories that will Dominate for Spring/Summer 2024

December 2022

Raw, Earthed and Ready For Rio are key colour directions for the new season

As outlined in LTP’s recent article “The Power Of Colour” different hues can evoke an unconscious response which can stimulate emotions, reactions, and can change modes of thinking. The article highlights the importance of colour. Here LTP outline the key colour directions which will inspire product creation in Spring/Summer 2024.

From raw off-whites to mood-enhancing hyper-brights and nature inspired hues, colour stories epitomise the duality of the season.

Vollebak Raw Hemp Hoodie, image source

Raw Colour

Increasingly brands are looking to create clothes using as few resources as possible, utilising undyed and non-coloured whites for an eco-conscious approach.

Explore the creation of the colour white using nature. With the absence of dye, the final colour depends entirely on the natural colour of the plant’s fibres, delivering an authentic approach to colour.

Embrace imperfections such as cross-collection nuances and speckled finishes as different plants will offer subtle variations in colour for raw clothing.

Ideal for core carry-overs and wellness focused ranges.

Vollebak is trailblazing in this area with their Raw Hemp Hoodie which is developed using a no-dye approach. The off-white is the result of the fibres raw and undyed state. As hemp fibres soften over time, the brand suggest this makes the hoodie more comfortable the more it’s worn, stating

“Hemp doesn’t wear out, it wears in.”

LTP, image source  

Ready For Rio

Whether attending a summer festival or not, Rio vibes are emerging for the new season as the fashion pendulum swings from minimalism to maximalism. Consumers look to invest in pieces that spark joy with mood-boosting properties built-in.

Joyful expression is amped up with dopamine brights and kitsch playful graphics. Use colour to signal a mood-enhancing effect.

This direction also taps into expressive motifs and collage-inspired prints.  

Crimped edges brings a new sense of joy to laser cut leggings. Aim to keep shapes simple and stripped back for commerciality when decorated in hyper bright colours and joyful prints. Expect this theme to dominate the youth and Gen Z market.

LTP, image source


Consumers are increasingly looking for products that emulate the natural world. Take a nature first approach favouring low-impact materials and eco dyes. London-based DyeRecycle gives dyes and colours a second life using green chemistry. The trailblazer extracts dye from waste fibres and transfers them to new fabric with no harsh or toxic chemicals.

Look to nature to inspire colour, surface and even strap configuration. Green foliage inspires a deeper hue with greyed-off tones. The colour provides an alternative to perennial black when used in head-to-toe looks. Layer with khaki greens and off-white for technical and performance ranges with commercial appeal.

Use leafy all-over jacquards to add new depth to patterns. Relevant from lounge to outdoor.

LTP, image source

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