Kaunas Upgrade: LTP's Brighter, Smarter Workspace Unveiled

November 2023

Embarking on a Purposeful Upgrade

In recent months, a comprehensive transformation of LTP Kaunas facilities has unfolded, revitalizing every aspect from top to bottom. As the final details fall seamlessly into place, we proudly unveil the enhanced layout that pays homage to the building's original features and its history as a renowned silk production factory from 1960 to 1988. As one strolls through the hallways, the echoes of its storied past blends with a futureproof modern facility.

Top photo shows the old silk production and bottom photo is the new LTP production.

Elevated Office Spaces

The recent relocation of our Purchasing team marks the completion of a major milestone. The entire office area, including meeting rooms, has undergone a significant upgrade, embracing a digital and luminous environment. Placing the Sales and Purchasing teams on the same floor fosters smooth collaboration, enhancing our support for customers. Purposeful additions, such as new coffee and relaxation areas, aim to create a positive and open workspace. Recognizing the challenges of remote work, our adjustments prioritize a conducive atmosphere, boosting team motivation, efficiency, and adherence to LTP values.

The new brighter and lighter office space


Optimized Workflows

Central to the refurbishment was the optimization of production processes, consolidating all steps onto a single floor. We've transformed the production flow from a zigzag pattern to a straight, efficient progression encompassing cutting, preparation, sewing lines, ironing, and packaging. Simultaneously, warehouse processes underwent a similar enhancement, automating and smoothing the journey from goods receipts through storage to shipment. The redesigned warehouse layout has already proven to eliminate previous inefficiencies, enhancing overall efficiency.

Storage space for fabrics, rolls and rolls of fabrics


Strategic R&D Expansion

A deliberate allocation of additional space to the R&D department co-locates product development experts and sampling, aligning with the implementation of LTP's R&D long-term strategy. This expanded space for the sampling department not only facilitates meeting the demands of growing sales but also signifies a commitment to innovation and excellence.


In Conclusion

We are delighted to share a glimpse of our revitalized factory and office space through some exclusive photos. The upgrade not only honors the historical significance of the building but also propels LTP Kaunas into a new era of productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Package space for final products before shipment
The new trim storage space
Sewing line in the new, more open and brighter workspace
Canteen brown tables and black chairs. Sunligth comes through the window shining on the company values painted on the wall
The new canteen facilities upgraded with LTP values on the walls
Old 3-story factory building with brick walls
LTP facilities in Kaunas, Lithuania