LTP launches Carbon Calculator

June 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the launch of our anticipated LTP Carbon Calculator, version 1.0 - a groundbreaking tool in the furniture industry. As a manufacturer, we are pleased to offer dynamic, real-time CO2 emissions data. With this, we are setting a new standard in our work with sustainability.

The LTP Carbon Calculator delivers GHG Protocol-aligned CO2 emissions data for our customers’ scope 3 inventory for purchased goods manufactured by our Furniture Division at LTP Group.

Unlike existing calculators that provide static data, our tool updates emissions calculations in real-time based on sales orders. If you change a component, your carbon footprint changes accordingly, providing you with accurate and current emissions data at all times - from cradle to LTP gate.  - As part of being a customer at LTP Furniture, this service is included!

One of our customers, Danish New Works, already entered the platform and says:

“At New Works we strive to get ahead of the competition by shortly, being able to provide LCA screenings on demand to our customers. Therefore, we are excited to partner with LTP to access dynamic emissions data for our furniture produced with them. It is vital to us and our customers to know this information. We look forward to using the Carbon Calculator and any future features that might be implemented as it raises the bar for transparency and climate responsibility in our business” -  Christian Amstrup, Sustainability Manager at New Works.

Join us as we lead the way in sustainable manufacturing!

Lene Mortensen, Global Sustainability & Compliance Director at LTP Group, states: "Two years ago, we envisioned generating dynamic carbon data for each invoice as seamlessly as pricing. Initially, our organization doubted it was possible. Today, we are thrilled to announce that this vision is now a reality, thanks to our dedicated team."

To celebrate the launch, we are hosting a live webinar on August 28thfeaturing prominent keynote speakers who will delve into the capabilities and methodology of the LTP Carbon Calculator. We will also explore the future of carbon emissions and discuss relevant political developments in this area.

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Date: 28. August 2024

Time: 15:00-15:45 (CET)