LTP specializes in Sofa & Soft Seating production

November 2022

Did you know that LTP Furniture has spent years developing our expertise as your preferred Global OEM Sofa & Soft Seating production partner?

As a manufacturing partner, LTP is the ideal turnkey partner for all your sofa & soft seating needs - both for office and residential furniture. We offer a full range of made-to-order configurable soft seating. This includes comfortable yet durable sofas, lounges, poufs and ottomans. We carefully craft all products in-house using the finest materials and latest technologies. We bring your vision to life, with competitive lead times.
All fabrics, materials and builds are thoroughly sourced and engineered to continuously ensure top quality.

premium sofa and soft seating production

Quality sofa materials joined with the latest upholstery and production capabilities are exclusively used to craft your sofa modules. We work with various types of wood materials such as plywood, bended wood, and solid wood which are all FSC certified. Cushions are made using springs, feather, molded foam and block foam.
In addition, we’ve worked with 5000+ fabrics which means we have lots of experience to bring your perfect sofa design to life through engineering and reverse engineering.

LTP is your full-service, turnkey Sofa & Soft Seating manufacturing partner, with Lean factories in Lithuania and Mexico. Do you want to know more about your furniture outsourcing opportunities? Contact us here.

About LTP Group

LTP Group is a privately owned OEM production partner for demanding and leading Sport & Outdoor and Furniture brands, with 12 factories across 6 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.