LTP’s Development Accelerator Center implementing in-house woodcutting capabilities

November 2022

LTP’s Development Accelerator Center implementing in-house woodcutting capabilities

At LTP Furniture we are hard at work on our upcoming Development Accelerator Center. It is being designed with enhanced 3D development capabilities to assist our customers in bringing their Sofa & Soft Seating furniture to market with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. We shared with you the advantages of our new 3D software in our article, “Next Generation 3D Furniture Production Modeling Technology now at LTP.”

In this article, we present exciting new developments in the Center’s woodcutting capabilities for manufacturing both commercial and residential sofas and soft seating. It is located in Kėdainiai, Lithuania, close to our other facilities. In the video below you can see how our grand opening went.

The benefits for In-house wood frame building

There will be innumerable benefits of LTP’s in-house furniture wood frame building and foam cutting capabilities at our new Development Accelerator Center, which will improve our ability to serve our customers’ demands for shortening time to market on new product development:

  • Shorter lead-time because there is no waiting time for producing samples
  • Creation of a smaller prototype of each piece of furniture, resulting in quicker decision-making and minimizing waste (thereby increasing our sustainable practices)
  • Shorter lead time for samples results in a faster time to market
  • Compatible with our 3D development setup
  • Ability to cut complicated shapes The CNC Wood Cutter

We chose a 3-axis CNC shaper to cut the frames for sofas and soft seating at our Development Accelerator Center. Made specifically for manufacturing furniture, it is capable of producing custom-produced furniture in ply wooden frames. We will use it for accelerating our sample production. The operator begins by programming the machine with instructions, after which the machine automatically completes the job by using a tool that cuts along 3 axes: left-to-right, front-to-back, and up-and-down.

The creativity and skills required for furniture-making are well-suited to digital design and precision automation. The CNC machine will serve our needs perfectly, by meeting our standards for precision and quality of fit and finish. It will allow our customers to be as creative as they like with new designs. It will also reduce labor and waste and increase efficiency.

Keep an eye out for our next article about LTP’s upcoming Development Accelerator Center as we get closer to its launch.

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