Meet Planet Nusa: The Queens of Empowered Communities

May 2024

Within the folds of LTP Garment, we are privileged to forge partnerships with extraordinary customers who embody strength and innovation within the realm of sports and outdoor brands. Among these collaborations is our partnership with the Danish sportswear brand, Planet Nusa. In a recent rendezvous with the dynamic founders, Mille Skat & Kristine Esmer, we delved into their distinctive approach to Community Branding, unraveling the secrets behind their remarkable success.

Source: AGGA Studios

The Community

A simple Google search, and this is what appears - first hit: Planet Nusa – Community driven sportswear. Beyond a mere catchy tagline, this ethos is intricately embodied in their DNA.

“It takes time to build a community, because you have to build it the right way”, says Founders Mille & Kristine, when asked about what they would like the readers to know about Planet Nusa’s approach and success.

In 2018, the journey began with the inception of their sportswear brand. Their inaugural community event, "Walk With Us, "marked the outset. The aim? Fostering a sense of community while making a positive impact - combining a walk with trash collection. “From the very beginning, our dream was for Planet Nusa to be community-driven and to do it in a responsible way”, says Mille.

Source: AGGA Studios

‘Community-driven’ isn't a one-size-fits-all concept for the Planet Nusa team. It encompasses a multitude of aspects. Firstly, it involves attentive listening to their community, who serve as their primary feedback loop. Whether it's selecting new color combinations, exploring potential styles, brainstorming outdoor activities, or planning events, the community's input holds significant weight.

Secondly, it entails active engagement with both their online and offline communities. Online, they foster discussions, feature community members on their social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and maintain open dialogues via direct messages. Offline, they connect with their community face-to-face, frequently meeting them at weekly events. Thirdly, their inclusivity knows no bounds—they welcome all into their fold. "We wouldn't have it any other way," asserts Kristine. “It means everything. We always have direct communication with our community and that makes the difference. Because as we see it: we are here because they allow us to be! Without our community, we simply would not be here”, says the girls.


The initiatives

Planet Nusa's array of initiatives is vast and diverse. From invigorating workout sessions and boot camps to stimulating Nusa Talks, refreshing Nusa Swims, Nusa café gatherings, and beyond, their offerings cater to a wide range of interests. Every week, they energize around 500 individuals in Denmark through activities like runs, winter dips, and outdoor boot camp workouts. Moreover, they extend their reach beyond Denmark, activating active communities in locations like The Netherlands and the US.


The partnership with LTP

LTP Garment has been the manufacturing partner for Planet Nusa for more than 2years. And it’s a good match, says Mille & Kristine: “LTP has great expertise in making sports- and active products and has the equipment available to offer very technical solutions for our garments. The team is extremely skilled, and we feel very safe when developing new products. Besides that, they understand our B2C business and why ETD’s are so important to a brand like Planet Nusa”.

Source: LTP Group, Lithuania

As a manufacturing partner for premium Sport- and Outdoor brands, LTP value the partnership with Planet Nusa. LTP actively supports visionary customers with growth plans, and we are acting flexible and work actively with our lead times.

When asked about their own favorite products produced by LTP, Mille & Kristine reveals: “We and our community loves Speed1 LS”. – And so do we!

Source: AGGA Studios

Summarizing our rendezvous with these power ladies, we asked for one piece of advice to share about their journey: “Do it. It sounds cliché, but it is the truth. And second, don’t be afraid of making mistakes”.

On that note, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Community-driven brand, as they now set out to conquer the world, focusing their sales overseas.

About LTP Garment

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