OEM Sofa & Soft Seating production, from development to production

January 2023

LTP Furniture can support you in developing and producing your Sofa & Soft Seating products

From engineering your sofas in a 3D environment, before prototyping in our in-house Development Accelerator Center, to mass production in our Lean manufacturing lines.

LTP Furniture is here to support you from idea to final upholstery.

Do you want to know more about your OEM Sofa & Soft Seating opportunities? Contact us here.

About LTP Group A/S

LTP Group A/S is a privately Danish-owned company consisting of two divisions: LTP Garment and LTP Furniture. From 12 privately owned factories in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Vietnam, Romania, and Mexico, we produce clothing and furniture for more than 100 recognized brands worldwide. LTP's head office is in Copenhagen, Denmark. LTP Group A/S was established in 1991 and now employs 2,700+ dedicated employees and has a turnover of 100+ million EUR with solid financial results.