SQlab wins Design & Innovation Award for bibs produced by LTP

February 2023

The Design & Innovation Award is the ‘Oscars’ of the Bike & Outdoor industries.

The Design& Innovation Award determine which are the most stand out bike products of 2023, and what are the most important trends in the bike industry for the coming year.

One of LTP Garment’s customers, German SQlab, just won the award for 2023 in the category: ‘Equipment Road Bike’ with their Women’s SQ-Shorts ONE12, produced by LTP.

Source: sq-lab.com

We want to take this opportunity, to wish SQlab a big congratulations and applaud the great partnership. We are always extremely happy and proud, when our customers are willing to push the limits, and innovate the industry.

Here is what the jury says:

“With the women’s SQ-Shorts ONE12, German ergonomics gurus SQlab put an end to long pee breaks for women, having to strip layer after layer before they can get toit. For their first female-specific bib shorts, SQlab designed the Easy Exit system, which lets you pull down your pants without having to take off your jersey. For this purpose, the back of the shorts doesn’t sit as high on your back, allowing you to pull them down quickly and easily without having to use clips or other fiddly mechanisms. When it comes to women’s bib shorts, this is the most intuitive and logical solution we’ve seen to date. A small section of double-layered fabric above the front waistband seam prevents the shorts from cutting into your skin, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit. The SQ-ShortsONE12 Women is available in 8 different sizes with a women-specific fit, offering a suitable option for pretty much all female riders.”

Source: sq-lab.com

More about the Award

The Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) is more than a decoration. It’s the only award with real product tests, in-depth reviews and critically founded verdicts. DI.A provides guidance in an ever more differentiated market, flooded with new products and would-be trends, giving its seal of approval and setting a benchmark for the most exceptional products in the outdoor, bike and fitness sectors, as well as serving as a catalyst for future innovations.

About SQlab

SQlab are German experts in ergonomic bicycle components and accessories like bike saddle, grips, handlebars and stems, and has specialised in the three contact points of the bike: Hands - Pelvis – Feet. Additionally, they have started developing bib shorts for road cycling, taking into consideration their expert knowledge on padding systems, materials, breathability and more.

About LTP

LTP Garment is a signature producer of premium cycling kits that build on the great traditions of cycling while innovating for bold new designs and functionality. As a leader in performance cycling apparel, LTP is proud to partner with many of the world’s most revered, recognizable, and sustainable brands in every aspect of cycling wear.  

We specialize in catering to brands that are taking cycling apparel to the next-level, catering to those athletes and commuters alike in search for highly technical, functional, bold kit.  

With an expert product development team, we possess deep knowledge of the construction, materials and sewing technologies required for high-performance. We work with smart textiles which repel water, prevent bacteria penetration and growth, wick moisture, regulate body temperature and dynamically stretch to achieve a technical and modern fit.


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