The Must Have Sportswear Trends from Spring/Summer 2024

November 2022

The world of fashion is constantly evolving, stay on top with LTP’s latest Spring/Summer 2024 trend forecast

At the recent London networking event, attended by industry leaders and progressive thinkers, LTP presented their Spring/Summer 2024 sports and outdoor trend forecast. Here we present that latest trend forecast to you.

The result of months of research from both primary and secondary sources, the forecast is developed to equip you and your team with the insights and strategic thinking required to answer the most compelling issues of tomorrow. From emerging trends to macro ideas and long-term commercial shifts, the forecast delivers creative insights to prompt new and exciting product developments across concept, shape, color, design details, materials and graphics.

A-COLD-WALL*,image source

Designers, brands and citizens work together to build a Better-verse for Spring/Summer 2024

The equivalent of a digital daydream, this trend explores what a better virtual world would look like. The new dream-like realm will take the best parts of the digital and physical world.

Design into the utopia with products that portray a soothing side of tech with soft translucent layering and airy lightness uppers feel whimsical. Graphics have a soft defused, dreamlike quality. Gradients and color fades are key.

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For Spring/Summer 2024 a Distorted Reality Emerges

As consumers reject the constructs of what normal looks like and the pressure put on them by society to be perfect. A new era emergies which showcases a distorted reality. Aim to turn design norms on their head. Make ubiquitous horizontal vertical. Create kaleidoscope or miss print graphics which show an alternate perspective.

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Exergaming Intensifies for the New Season

Exergaming or Exertainment is set to gain further momentum this season. There’s a growing belief amongst experts including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, that the metaverse is the next big thing. Infact Zuckerberg is so convinced he’s changed the name of facebook to Meta to reflect the company's growing ambitions in this space.

The metaverse is an immersive online realm seamlessly integrating our physical and digital lives. Like personal computing and the mobile internet before it, the technology has game-changing potential.

Immersive exercise is said to be the future of fitness. Apparel designed specifically for AR and VR workouts will be key. Opt for arcade-inspired aesthetics with a softly retro vibe. Colours are designed to pop on-screen. Apparel design for this market must be hyper breathable as many experiences take place in the home which is not generally as well ventilated as say the gym.

Inspiration is drawn from the Teslasuit featuring full-body haptics that enable the wearer to “feel” the digital world, with real sensations that mimic those taking place on screen.

Directional brands will also offer product twins for in-game and IRL use.

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How To Get The Complete Spring/Summer 2024 Sport And Outdoor Forecast

The latest forecast features the must-have trends and insights designed to validate your instincts and drive new season developments. Existing customers and partners can contact LTP New Bizz, Jurgita ( for their exclusive copy of the Spring/Summer 2024 sport and outdoor forecast. Produced seasonally by trend expert Chantell Fenton. This resource is created as part of the companies Value Added Services which are strategically developed to provide brands with the tools they need to connect the dots. This suite includes:

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