In the frontline

We believe the key to our success is rooted in our common culture and the dedicated people in the frontline. Meet some of them here.
"I joined LTP just recently and I find this company very exceptional in many ways. People whom I met here, in different positions of the organization, all have that common SPIRIT which you can recognize from the spark in their eyes when you mention LTP. I can't imagine any task that would not be handled with great passion. Automation, digitalization and Lean thinking is daily standard used across the entire organization, which makes impossible things possible. I am really glad that I am a part of the LTP team on the journey to be the best supplier in our industry!"
Rolandas Jackevicius
Director, LTP TEXDAN
"The hardest products I've been involved with at LTP was a style, created from a fabric so solid, we couldn’t even cut it with scissors! And that’s what drive me at LTP – our forward-thinking brands that challenge us every day. We work in small teams with the sharpest people on construction, sourcing and technicians – so to develop these difficult styles are a challenge we can overcome.
To understand the customer's very special DNA is crucial for our development.
Ausra Paulauskiené
Sales Development Manager, Garment Division
"I joined LTP with all my eager to make LTP even better. We want LTP Vietnam to become the best choice for our customers, and we are constantly trying to challenge the efficiency of our production. We set up our Kaizen Team where we are gathering all engineers and leaders, exploring solutions and tools to make the quality better, reduce waste and energy. I am proud of my team. Everybody work as a family in LTP. Privately I also have a big family with 4 kids - so I know what it takes to make a large family work..."
Tran Duy Hai
Operation Manager, LTP Vietnam