A sustainable IKEA-hack

A sustainable IKEA-hack

Bemz is a global e-commerce company specialising in made to order covers and replacement legs for IKEA furniture. The business idea is to prolong the life and transform the look of IKEA furniture with high quality products made from OEKT-Tex certified fabrics. 

Sustainable and responsible practices are a core value at Bemz. By choosing to produce in Europe in partnership with LTP, Bemz ensures that stringent EU-regulations regarding use of labour, facilities and environmental rules are closely followed.

LTP has been an integral part of Bemz journey as a global design-driven e-commerce company. An LTP factory in Lithuania produces all of Bemz products on demand, and handles all logistics and integrations. This includes handling swatches, direct shipments to 42 different markets, track&trace solutions and return flows. 

LTP is proud to partner with Bemz to create customised design solutions for IKEA furniture in a smart and stylish way. 

Consciously crafted by LTP.

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