Top 10 Newly Established & Upcoming Sports Brands From Denmark

Since the turn of the century, sports equipment has grown tremendously - sportwear is no exception. Brand recognition and product quality are two of the most important requirements for sports gear brands to compete with their competitors.

This year's one of the biggest cycling competitions in Europe, Tour de France kicked off in Denmark, the country of LTP's birth, it is safe to say that the country is becoming more and more recognizable in sports industry.

Below you will find our top 10 of newly established and upcoming sports & outdoor brands built in Denmark, together with the number of followers on Instagram in July 2022.

Palmes Tennis Society, founded in 2020 in Copenhagen

7.300 followers (Tennis/ Fashion)

Image source: Palmes Tennis Society

The brand mixes fashion and tennis gear, creating a modern and well put together look for men’s everyday lifestyle.

Halo, founded in 2015 in Holstebro

21.100 followers (Urban / Active sportswear)

Image source: HALO | Official website (

HALO, an urban style capsule that draws inspiration from Danish Special Forces, combines functionality with urban style.

ES16, founded in 2016 in Mårslet

34.400 followers (Cycling)

Image source: ES16 Danish cycling clothing at its best –

High performance Danish cycling apparel brand, the brand's cycling trousers have been developed in collaboration with the British national cycling team.

Planet Nusa, founded in 2018 in Copenhagen

37.600 followers (Athleisure)

Image source: Planet Nusa responsible sportswear – P L A N E T // N U S A

Planet Nusa started with their famous T1 & T2 leggings to make every woman feel fabulous – and both made from recycled fishing nets!

7daysactive, founded in 2019 in Copenhagen

42.100 followers (Active Sportswear)

Image source: 7 DAYS Active

With fashionable and functional pieces, the brand encourages an active lifestyle across a variety of arenas by catering to the agile and sporty mindset.  

Moonchild, founded in 2015 in Aarhus

45.800 followers (Athleisure)

Image source: Moonchild Yoga Wear - Holistic yoga and active wear for women

The brand works closely with Women for Women International organization which already helped nearly half million female survivors to restore their lives and overcome war apprehension by offering year-long training programmes.  

Saysky, founded in 2013 in Copenhagen

47.600 followers (Running)

Image source: SAYSKY | High Performance Løbetøj | Officiel Website

Lars Pedersen was a one-man army founder of the brand, everything- design, production, sales, website building and even first deliveries were transported on Lars bike!

Shaping New Tomorrow, founded in 2015 in Ålborg

73.900 followers (Urban performance)

Image source: SHAPING NEW TOMORROW | Official International Store

The brand is on fire since 2018 when founders decided to take part in 'Løvens hule' show where they got investments from Jesper Buch and Birgit Aaby for pitching an idea on the “perfect trousers”.

Pas Normal Studios, founded in 2015 in Copenhagen

153.000 followers (Cycling)

Image source: Pas Normal Studios

With the brand setting up cycling trends all around Denmark and Europe, Pas Normal Studios is truly revolutionizing the sport apparel.

Rains, founded in 2012 in Egå

363.000 followers (Rainwear)

Image source: RAINS® | Explore Our Outerwear & Waterproof Clothing

Rains' Scandinavian modernism is what makes it such a successful rainwear brand that conquers fashion weeks and attracts the attention of Vogue.

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