100% of LTP customers rate us as a responsible and reliable business partner

December 2020

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LTP is built on core values of sustainability and ethical practice. We always have a customer at the center of everything we do. Therefore, trustability is a guiding principle under which we conduct all business activities. Every year we gather feedback from our customers in the Customer Satisfaction Survey to identify what we can do even more as we always try to push boundaries, innovate and grow with our strong partners.

Our global sales team with more than 40 Key Account managers. Image source: LTP Group

Responsible and reliable business partner

This year 100% of our customers rated LTP as a responsible and reliable business partner as well as 100% as a dynamic and proactive business partner. Last year, not many customers thought that we provide enough innovative suggestions. Reacting to this feedback, we have created additional services to ensure our customers remain at the forefront of innovation. As a result, this year 70% of our customers rated us either proactive or very proactive at suggesting improvements.

We want to continuously challenge ourselves to best respond to a fast changing world and stay strong in our partnerships. Therefore, since last year we have launched Value Added Services to our customers. The series of extra services are strategically developed to provide customers with the tools to drive new and exciting product developments. This suite includes:

Seasonal Trend Analysis

Product Design & Development, Creation and Innovation

360° Innovation book

Meet Your Manufacturer

3D Product Visualisation

The Sport& Outdoor Apparel Network

Overview of LTP Value Added Services. Image source: LTP Group

Quality level and delivery performance

100% of our customers consider our general quality level to be very good or good and 98% are either satisfied or very satisfied with the delivery performance from LTP (last year it was 88%). As a result, 100% of our customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with LTP in general and 87% rank LTP either high or among the best manufacturers compared with our competitors, 13% think that we are on the same level.

Our technologies. Image source: LTP Group

CSR and sustainability

The LTP Group has always had sustainability as an element in our business model and we are happy to see that 87% of our customers already think that LTP’s performance within sustainability is either strong or very strong. Moreover, 95% of our customers feel confident about LTP’s CSR level. Read more about our approach to sustainability and CSR.

LTP Vietnam employees volunteering in ocean clean day. Image source: LTP Group

Support in Covid-19 situation

2020 has been very different and challenging. The arrival of Covid-19 has impacted the world globally on many different levels. We are extremely happy to see that 100% of our customers feel that we have supported them either good or very good in Covid-19 situation.

The pandemic called for immediate actions adjusting to an even more unpredictable future. LTP has a long term view on partnership and this is embedded in all corners of our organization. LTP truly showed their commitment, and that we could stand together as one united team and really be flexible when needed.

We thank you for trusting us as your global sustainable manufacturer. We will continue to strive to move our partnerships forward and to push boundaries in our industry!

For more information please feel free to contact Alex at the LTP Group [ali@ltpgroup.com].

About LTP

LTP is a Danish owned garment manufacturer for +60 premium brands within active sportswear, outdoor, athleisure and sustainable fashion. LTP was established in 1991, and is one of the biggest Sport & Outdoor garment manufacturers in Europe with Bluesign & GOTS setups in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Vietnam

LTP consists of two divisions; LTP Garment and LTP Contract Furniture producing in nine fully-owned factories.