Premium outerwear - moving out of china

October 2019

Manufacturing of premium outerwear is moving out of China


As a BlueSign® production partner for some of the most demanding brands in the sports and outdoor industry, LTP offers a wide range of product categories. But in the past two years, LTP Vietnam has upgraded their technical production level and know how. In many years, premium outerwear has mainly been manufactured in China, but due to increase in salaries and revised duty regulations, brands are now moving outerwear production outside China – and here, Vietnam is a perfect choice.

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When being a world-wide company, producing garments for high-end European, Australian and Korean brands, LTP has forced ourselves into using the synergy from more than 25 years of know-how in fitting and pattern making in Europe, held together with the Vietnamese high skills in sewing and production. This effort, says Director of LTP in Vietnam Nomeda Kaucikiene, has turned into the capabilities of producing entirely new and more complicated product categories.

From doing mid-layers consisting of jersey and light woven functional fabrics, LTP can now also produce more complicated apparel. This is LTP – To a new level!



When dealing with sports and outdoor brands, on the level that LTP does, it is essential to offer the correct layer system suited for the different activity levels LTP provides for, says Nomeda Kaucikiene. The layer principle is a clothing system consisting of different garment layers of the right materials and design, made with the Seam Sealing technique in order to secure completely wind- and waterproof garment.



This is a technique of treating the stitch holes and seams in garment made from waterproof fabric, to prevent them from leaking when it rains or snows, to achieve maximum waterproofness. This technique is especially important for waterproof and windproof apparel. This means that every single seam or stitch within the garment (left by a sewing machine) will have been addressed and will have been sealed with the specific seam sealing tape.

Nomeda Kaucikiene tells, that LTP has inhouse water leaking test system, in order to quality assure each single item.


With new tendencies within production, trade and duties, LTP is a trustworthy and professional partner in the future. Nomeda Kaucikiene says, that LTP Innovation Lab has dedicated experts that will be happy to advise you on material, methods, design and new trends. Twice per year, LTP present the LTP Innovation Catalogue with the newest trends within fabrics and techniques.