360° Innovation Book

February 2020

“The LTP Group present the first ever 360° Innovation Book for the sports and outdoor industry.”

After pushing the boundaries of innovation for decades, the LTP Group share their need-to-know trade secrets in the first edition of the digital Innovation 360° book. Created to enable more customers than ever to pioneer the future, the Innovation 360° book outlines the latest developments in fabrics, trims and technologies to help brands make forward-thinking and sustainable choices as part of their product design and development process. The 60-page digital book includes information on sustainable solutions, smart technologies, thermal insulation, wellbeing textiles and trims, as well as the latest trends in tactile and technical surface innovation.

The LTP team, led by fabric sourcing and innovation specialist Laura Didžiokienė share their knowledge, insights and expertise in their latest digital book, created as part of the companies Value Added Partnership. The LTP Group’s willingness to share their proprietary knowledge indicates the company’s commitment to innovation. Alex Ingildsen, Chief Commercial Officer at LTP Group explains the rationale for revealing the companies specialist insights in their latest publication.

“Real innovation is about disruptive thinking, with our new Innovation 360° book we want to provide our customers with the tools to drive new and exciting product developments”

The index from the 360° Innovation Book by the LTP Group, image source    www.l-t-p.com
The index from the 360° Innovation Book by the LTP Group, image source WWW.L-T-P.COM


After visiting many textiles fairs, including Performance Days and forging lasting relationships with gold-standard suppliers, the LTP group shine a light on these companies in the first edition of the Innovation 360° book, dubbed IB.01. Some of the best textiles and newest innovations come from fabric suppliers such as Pontetorto, MITI, Eurojersey, Becagli, Thygesen Birk, Sofileta, Singtex, Evertex, Schoeller & Polartec. The book also details specialist insights as to how the fabrics interact with different technologies, finishes and techniques, for example can the selected fabric be welded, laser cut or bonded?

Everything you need to know about Textiles, Trims and Technologies

The publication focuses on 6 pillars of innovation. Firstly the newest sustainable solutions from recycled or bio-based materials from suppliers such as Pontetorto, Miti and Polartec  to newest eco-dyeing and printing techniques. The book highlights the latest biodegradable and cradle-to-cradle materials.

The breakdown of sustainable solutions inside the 360° Innovation Book
The breakdown of sustainable solutions inside the 360° Innovation Book

Secondly honing in on smart tech including conductive yarns and protection from innovators such as Schoeller and Mectex. Thermal Insulation becomes the third focus, highlighting the very best in synthetic and natural fibres. As well as innovative and smart 3D weaving techniques. Next-up wellbeing, the LTP group outline the latest innovations in cosmetic textiles and compression from suppliers such as Sofileta with close-to-skin comfort and power-stretch technology. As well as showcasing technical jacquards from Piave Maitex with ergonomic compression designed to support different muscles with variant levels of compression. The Innovation 360° book also highlights the latest trends in Eurojersey prints and washes and ends up with bonding including stitch-free solutions. Lastly the LTP group reveal the most innovative suppliers for trims, zippers, labels and tapes. Innovations include pinch together zips, safety-focused ‘see me’ prints and recycled components.

Smart Technology outlined in the 360° Innovation Book
Smart Technology outlined in the 360° Innovation Book


LTP will debut the Innovation 360° book alongside a series of Value Added Partnership services at this years Performance Days in April 2020. Existing customers can contact Alex Ingildsen (ali@l-t-p.com) for their exclusive copy of the 60 page Innovation Book. Updated bi-annually with the newest innovations in fabrics, trims and technologies, the book will be released in May and December exclusively for LTP customers. Expect the 360° Innovation book version 2 to launch in December 2020 with all the latest innovations collected by the LTP team.

The 360° Innovation Book will become a place for suppliers to introduce their latest “super materials” and pioneering developments. As several new and emerging technologies and fabrications have the potential to reshape the industry, ensure you are at the forefront of innovation by partnering with the LTP Group. The 360° Innovation Book will be presented to +60 premium brands either on LTP roadshows visiting our customers, or in our show rooms in our Developing Centers in Lithuania or in Vietnam

The first ever Innovation 360° book created by the LTP Group -  https://youtu.be/6ElCINYZ4Qo
The first ever Innovation 360° book created by the LTP Group - HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/6ELCINYZ4QO