MITI Spa Discuss Their Early Investment in Sustainable Solutions And Future Developments To Drive Positive Change

May 2022

At Performance Days LTP spoke with Laura Gambarini, MITI’s new Sales Director, to discuss the companies latest innovations and creative solutions to revolutionise the industry.

Pioneering circular solutions and a relentless approach towards sustainability have set the Italian textiles manufacturer MITI apart. It’s one of the reason’s MITI is so important at LTP. Alex Ingildsen, CCO at LTP Group states

“MITI are one of our key suppliers because not only do they have great fabrics with impressive performance qualities, the company also invested early in sustainable solutions and continue to innovate in the eco-space today. Their commitment to low carbon and circular initiatives ultimately drives new and exciting product developments here at LTP.”

As Marco Magrini steps down, we had a timely catch up with his successor Laura Gambarini to discuss why MITI have such a dedication to sustainability, as well as some of their latest innovations.

MITI, image source

The Increasing Importance of Sustainability  

With consumers becoming more savvy to the importance of sustainability, they’re also increasingly aware of the origin of many environmental issues, namely the textile industry. This only creates more questions, and holds mills to a higher level of accountability, making it more important than ever to lead the way and be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to sustainable solutions. As Gambarini states;

“You can be green in a real way. Every single choice makes a difference and this is the philosophy I believe in. We have been really focused here at MITI infusing this philosophy into our production and way of life”

MITI BioBack, image source

By taking this holistic and ‘all in’ approach the mill has dedicated itself to becoming certified, with Oeko-Tex and Bluesign certifications amongst others. Over the past five years the commitment of MITI towards a sustainable production along with the investment in new and more performance machines, has led to positive results with 24% less water consumption, 23% less energy used and 25% less of CO2 in the period 2017/2022 with a production increase of 24%.  

As MITI started to redefine their focus early on, the company has worked hard to create solid sustainable foundations to build on. Laura Gambarini explains;  

“What helps a lot is the fact we focused on sustainability years ago. This gives us the opportunity now to be fully prepared to get into any possible innovation which customers want to approach in terms of sustainability”

Under the motto of ‘Future Can’t Wait’, the mill have created their recently launched Greenperforming LAB initiative. Comprising of a Research and Development platform, which allows creators to imagine, design and test products with a low environmental impact. This is just one of the “Several new projects on the table” which we spoke to Gambarini about.

MITI, image source

End of Life Solutions  

As part of the mill's Greenperforming initiative, MITI have launched their Bioback fibre option. Bioback technology fabrics are developed and realized by MITI using accelerated biodegradable yarns. The two main components are Amni Soul Eco® an accelerated biodegradable Nylon yarn*, which starts its degradation process once in landfills and is able to degrade faster than usual synthetic yarns and Roica™ high performance C2C certified elastane, that during its degradation process does not release any toxic subtances. This technology can be used on two main fabrics in the line, Bio-Dust which is an lightweight interlock with high moisture management and quick drying features. And also the Dual Clay-Bio which is a mid weight stretch circular knit jersey, with good moisture management, quick drying, abrasion resistance and UV protection.

As demand in the activewear industries staying buoyant, and a heavy, and often necessary, reliance on synthetic fibres, increasing thought is given to biodegradability. As Laura Gambarini states;

“We are always thinking about end-of-life of products”

However, the true point of difference for MITI when it comes to end of life biodegradability is their abilities in warp knit.  The mill is able to create high performing compression knits complete with wicking abilities, 4-way stretch, UV protection and abrasion resistance, in biodegradable qualities Gambarini explains;

“Another interesting innovation we are focused on is the biodegradable option. We started 2-3 years ago with our technology Bioback but the real innovation is we are trying to propose warp knit biodegradable options”

MITI Bioback, image source

Conscious Colour  

An area often overlooked is a conscious use of colour and low water consumption dye methods. MITI’s UnDyed dope dying technology combines the use of dope dyed yarns with processes that use low quantities of water. The UnDyed technology sees pigments added to the liquid polymer solution before the synthetic fibres are extruded, in turn using less water.

MITI UnDyed, image source

Unexpected Resources

Looking outside the box is key when it comes to making the most of limited resources.  

MITI’s latest innovation is their recently launched capsule collection called RubberMade. Repurposing car tyres that would otherwise go to landfill, the capsule is inline with the Greenperforming philosophy and part of their continuous search for alternative raw materials. As Gambarini says, the innovation is about  

“Giving a real second life to tyres”.

MITI RubberMade, image source

The collection is a range of high performance stretch fabrics, created from recycled polyamide obtained from end of life tyres which have been transformed into new synthetic fibres through a thermochemical process. This in turn allows the fibres to be spun into the BLUFIBRE® yarn and Rubber Leaf fabric quality that offers a lightweight, silky and slippery touch stretch fabric.

MITI RubberMade, image source

When it comes to the future of the MITI factory, Laura Gambarini explains;

“I’m really proud of the steps that a manufacturer such as ours took over the years to be ready and prepared with sustainability”

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