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October 2019

LTP Beach Clean Up – a meaningful scavenging trip

As a responsible company, LTP takes responsibility for both their employees and the environment. Thus, on the morning of September 27, more than 400 people including leaders, workers and relatives in LTP Vietnam Co., Ltd. set out on a trip to collect rubbish on the beach in Vung Tau City. In the early sunrise on the southeast sea, all the members, men and women, young people and children, eagerly scavenged for the pieces of rubbish left by visitors, or that had followed the waves and washed ashore. In order to create more attraction, representatives of LTP Vietnam organized a scavenging competition between 11 teams of members of the company. Next to the beach, a special vehicle for garbage collection in Vung Tau City was waiting to take the gatherings of the groups to the next disposal place.

LTP Employees cleaning up beach in Vietnam
LTP Employees cleaning up beach in Vietnam

After a nice team work session, dozens of kilograms of waste were collected in the excitement of all participants, in which many groups meticulously sorted little by little what was inorganic waste, and what was organic in order to facilitate recycling or disposal. The coastline gradually became cleaner, returning to the beautiful fine sand.

In the program, Ms. Nomeda Kaucikiene - General Director of LTP Vietnam - sent out a message to all employees about the importance of maintaining a clean and beautiful environment: Protecting green spaces is within people's ability, and if it is possible to join hands from everyone, together we can achieve big things.

Ms. Nomeda Kaucikiene further wanted to communicate three principles: The first is not littering, the second is, if you spot the garbage and having the ability, please pick it up and help put it in the right place, and finally propagate to your surroundings, especially children, in order to raise public awareness "- Ms. Nomeda Kaucikiene said. According to her, the environment today is a global problem. And we can always look towards ourselves and our own efforts. That is why LTP gradual launches projects, where also the workers are encouraged to engage for the better of both our working environment, but also for the Planet.

LTP Green Day, October 2019
LTP Green Day, October 2019

Demanding customers requires CSR for real

‍For more than 25 years, LTP Group has been a global manufacturing partner for famous clothing and furniture brands around the world. With many factories LTP provides high quality products, fair delivery time and innovative ideas for the most demanding brands in the industry.
LTP is always concerned about environmental issues. LTP has been awarded the bluesign partner ® label, which is a leading global system for managing the environmental impacts of textile and apparel production through input and output management. The bluesign® standard helps to prevent the use of chemicals of concern in the input material at every step of the manufacturing process, and also social guarantees for workers.

In 11 years of operation in Vietnam, the factory has gradually proved its strategic position. “LTP is currently operating effectively with more than 700 employees at its factory in Ho Chi Minh City. In the future, LTP is planning to expand factories in other regions of Vietnam”, says Ms. Nomeda Kaucikiene.

Beautiful sandy beach, after LTP Beach clean up
Beautiful sandy beach, after LTP Beach clean up

Focus on the employees

According to Ms. Huynh Thi Xuan Hoa - LTP Vietnam's business director - LTP's motto lies in 3 core elements CARE - TRUST - CHALLENGE. She explained that the factor CARE is put on top when all members of the company are interested in each other's work, from top management to the employees. TRUST is a decisive factor that places trust by empowering leaders and employees to freely make decisions in their work; trust in the responsibility of each worker when assigned to the task. CHALLENGE is a key element, every member of the company has the opportunity to face challenges to be more creative for the development of the company, besides ensuring their responsibilities.

As a global manufacturer for garment and furniture brands, LTP Group is present in many countries around the world. For instance, in Vietnam, the LTP factory has now run for 11 years. One of the pillars of the global LTP strategy is ‘CARE’, hence LTP has extraordinary focus on both the lives of the workers, besides also being concerned about environmental issues.


Talking about a well-integrated set of values in LTP, says Ms. Nomeda Kaucikiene, the company has also applied programs to support employees' life, including health insurance for workers working for more than 24 months at the company, and ensuring conditions for medical examination and treatment.

This Green Day, says Ms. Nomeda Kaucikiene, is set to be a recurring event each year – also in other countries. And hopefully in the future, an event supported by the entire Garment Industry.

About LTP

LTP is a Danish owned garment manufacturer for +60 premium brands within active sportswear, outdoor, athleisure and sustainable fashion. LTP was established in 1991, and is probably the biggest functional garment manufacturer in Europe with bluesign setups in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Vietnam.
LTP consists of two divisions; LTP Garment and LTP Contract Furniture producing in ten fully-owned factories.