Manufacturing Open Days

February 2020

“A unique possibility to enter behind the scenes, Sept. 10-11, 2020 at LTP (Lithuania)”

The LTP team invites stakeholders to a visit behind the scenes of their Lithuanian factory, and share knowledge, insights and expertise in their latest event, created as part of the companies Value Added Partnership. The LTP Group’s willingness to share their proprietary knowledge indicates the company’s commitment to close cooperation with customers, suppliers, designers and other partners. By organizing the annually recurring event ‘Open Days’, the LTP Group leads the way for industry transparency and shares everything from insights in newest trends to deeper explanation on technologies.

Alex Ingildsen, Chief Commercial Officer at LTP Group explains the rationale for inviting behind the scenes at one of their factories: “If you are in the industry, but never have been to a garment manufacturer before, this is the best opportunity for you to learn all there is to know. We want to provide our customers with the proper knowledge to understand the processes of manufacturing.”

The LTP Factory in Kaunas, Lithuania
The LTP Factory in Kaunas, Lithuania

Who is it for?

This annual recurring event is for brands, suppliers, designers and partners. The target group is merely defined from the idea that people working in the garment industry, e.g. finance staff, product assistants, sales, management, CSR experts, freelance designers, new people in the industry, who would normally never get a chance to participate in visits to a factory, now can get a closer insight in all the processes involved in manufacturing.

Gain knowledge on different technologies at the factory.
Gain knowledge on different technologies at the factory.

What's the benefits?

Participants at the ‘Open Days’ get a unique opportunity to learn and experience different processes in manufacturing. Everything from detailed knowledge on newest trends, types of fabrics and a tour around the factory reveals detailed information on the different technologies used. Besides the more material and technical parts, participants also get to network with each other, attend panel discussions and learn more about the extended CSR focus LTP is working with.

Alex Ingildsen, Chief Commercial Officer at LTP Group elaborates: “We want to establish a closer relationship with our partners and stakeholders, and further introduce them to each other to share knowledge across workplaces. In the long term they will potentially select LTP as their preferred manufacturer, having seen how we both innovate and produce.”

See how LTP Group works with innovation, design, CSR and widescale production.
See how LTP Group works with innovation, design, CSR and widescale production.

How, when & where?

To attend this event is free of charge. However, participants must cover own expenses regarding, flight, transportation and hotel. In addition, LTP Group provides full program with activities, coffee, dinner and lunch both days. The location is at LTP factory in Kaunas, Lithuania and all International flights both enter and depart at Vilnius Airport – some also to and from Kaunas Airport.

First event is planned for September 10th – 11th. 2020, and you can sign up right here, stating full name, company and position | | no later than August 10th 2020.

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FYI – in case of cancellation within 2 weeks prior to event, we charge a fee of EUR 500.