Expect new realities to emerge

May 2020


As we move into what the Future Laboratory dub the “Transformative Twenties” the impact of Covid-19, social distancing and self-isolation will affect consumer purchasing far beyond the immediate future. Acting as a hard-reset, consumers will develop new priorities.

For Autumn/Winter 2021/22 survival and solution based design will aim to make consumers feel safe, whilst nesting products with cocooning and comforting effect surge in relevance as staying-in becomes the new norm. Advancements in technology will hold the key to over consumption and result in products that can truly multitask.

The pandemic has cemented and amplified several industry-wide shifts. Three key themes from our Autumn/Winter 2021/22 forecast are detailed below:

1. Global Survival with an Urban Aesthetic

Survival mode is on as pollution and disease spread continues to be a growing concern amongst earth dwellers. The future of urban outdoor is an upbeat take on the immediate dark dystopian survivalist theme which will proceed the pandemic. Light reflecting surfaces and holographic finishes provide safety-focused ‘see me’ accents. Pollution filtering and built-in masks will become a key requirement across commuter and outdoor running categories. Solution-based products will offer consumers a sense of protection and reassurance. An example of this, in the US Bullet proof backpacks and vests are starting to emerge in back-to-school ranges.

Urban Survival Trend Board, image source    www.chantellfenton.com
Urban Survival Trend Board, image source WWW.CHANTELLFENTON.COM

2. As we begin to dig distance Nesting products emerge

In an age of hyper-anxiety consumers look to step back from their busy lives and prioritise rest and sleep. Whether on the move or in the comfort of home creating garments that enable the wearer to switch off or wind down is key. Draw inspiration from pioneers Vollebak's Deep Sleep Cocoon which is designed to help the wearer sleep anywhere. Comfort-first styles should be designed to block out light and minimise noise to aid rest and recovery. Healing materials are important here. Use vitamin-infused fibres to aid muscle recovery or enhance all-round wellness.

Nesting Trend Board, image source    www.chantellfenton.com
Nesting Trend Board, image source WWW.CHANTELLFENTON.COM

3. Tech-cellerate the next generation apparel

As physical and digital products will increasingly exist in harmony use next-level technology to enhance product design. Look to Mercedes latest CES release. Inspired by the Avatar film the concept car aims to merge human and machine together with nature. The gills raise and lower organically acting as spoilers for downforce. Opportunities lie in gaming and e-sports, explore how you can create digital twins of IRL pieces. For 'analogue' apparel integrate smart-textiles and printed circuit fabric to boost tech credentials. Blur physical and digital worlds with wearable augmented reality graphic technology which will bring new meaning to product ranges

Tech-cellerate Trend Board, image source    www.chantellfenton.com
Tech-cellerate Trend Board, image source WWW.CHANTELLFENTON.COM

How to get the complete Autumn/Winter 2021/22 sport/outdoor forecast

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