End of year greetings from LTP Garment

December 2021

Year in Review

Looking back at 2021 it is clear that it has been another year where we all had to show our continued ability to be agile to adjust to changing circumstances. The overriding theme for LTP Group has been that when we work together as a trusted partner we can overcome many things and strive for shared success.

Our strategic focus is on Sustainability, Digitalisation and supporting D2C driven customers. We find a strong alignment with our customer portfolio and we continue to develop our Value Added Service offering around these 3 themes.  Making impactful change requires us to constantly challenge how we work and raise the bar for tomorrow.

We would like to say a big thank you to you - our customers, partners and friends of the house for trusting us as your manufacturing partner.  

Camilla Deichmann                             Alex Ingildsen

CEO Garment Division                       CCO Garment Division

Source: LTP Group

Strong growth driven by existing customers

In 2021 LTP Garment grew more than 50% largely driven by our existing customers. The Bike segment has taken a big jump as we now serve more and more premium brands with a full product offering ranging from jerseys and bibs to overshoes and windproof jackets. We are also seeing a really nice growth with our long term outdoor customers and sustainable fashion customers. We take much pride in our customer portfolio and our clear focus for 2022 is to continue to work hard to deliver a strong performance. As a result we will only take on very few select new customers in 2022.

Fitting in LTP Garment Kaunas. Source: LTP Garment

Tom Brady among 10 other brands on board in 2021

LTP is a `go-to`partner for insights, strong network, best practices, especially within innovation, sustainability and certifications on the highest level.

We are happy that in 2021 we added 11 brands to our Global brand portfolio: Aycane, Black Sheep Cycling, Blaser, Boob Design, Majmun, CHPT3, Get Refilled, Rockay, Sqlab, Brady brand and Velocio, that chose us as their manufacturing partner.

Tom Brady. Source: WSJ Magazine

Further strengthening our European & Asian setup

To support our growth and our customers’ needs we are expanding our footprint and premises in 2022 both in Europe and Asia. We have hired a lot of new talent and are now more than 60 Key Account Managers focused on servicing our customers supported by specialists and experts in all of our departments.

LTP Garment employees in Kaunas, Lithuania. Source: LTP Group

Update on LTP Vietnam

We have managed to keep production going in Vietnam throughout the whole year except for a short 2 weeks closing of our premises in HCMC. This has required a big investment by LTP and has only been possible by a very strong dedication and commitment by our local team. We are still facing challenges with Corona still very much active but we are constantly aiming for the best fulfillment.

LTP Garment Vietnam. Source: LTP Group

Consciously Crafted™ by LTP

In the beginning of the year, we launched Consciously Crafted™ by LTP concept followed by the web-enabled app. The concept and toolbox are designed to amplify authentic sustainable products and support brands with transparency. Equipping consumers with a clear understanding of how products are made and what role they can play to best maintain them in use and close the consumption loop.

Manufacturers have a fundamental role to play in solving the environmental crisis and raising social inequalities. By taking our share and being the change, we want to see, we strive for sustainable manufacturing.

Consciously Crafted™ app. Source: LTP Group

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Source: LTP Group

3-D Design

LTP is investing in our 3-D department to continue to serve our customers with the latest technological innovations. We work with CLO with more and more of our brand customers. We use it for grading, testing of transfers and prints, visualization of various design and construction options, as avatars for customers sales meetings etc. Together we can reduce sample development time and no. of samples needed leading to both impactful and sustainable business improvements. Please reach out if you wish to engage in a closer dialogue on this topic.

3D product visualization. Source: LTP Group

New edition of the 360° Innovation Book

LTP Garment is proud to equip our customers with 360° Innovation book outlining the latest innovations in fabrics, trims and technologies made exclusively to our customers as a part of our Value Added Services. We know that our customers always strive for innovation, therefore the LTP team, led by fabric sourcing and innovation specialist Laura Didziokiene, gather all newest developments from our suppliers in one place to inspire and share our knowledge and best practices. It’s a periodical book published twice a year

What is special about the 4th edition of the 360° Innovation book?

WASTE. Waste is a major topic on everyone’s tongues these days especially waste generated from agriculture and textile engineers are searching and innovating new ways to repurpose waste products in ways that live up to our sustainability goals.

In this book, you will discover a host of suppliers offering fabrics and trims from the new generation of agro waste bio-fibers. You will be inspired by engineers using crop residue, sawdust, oil and other byproducts to create natural bio-fibers for yarns and textiles in the fashion industry. You can imagine how following these paths of innovation, switching from virgin cotton, polyester and other fibers in textile and industrial applications, could make a huge difference in the sustainable profile of the garment industry. Please reach out if you have not received your 360° Innovation Book yet.

4th edition of the 360° Innovation Book. Source: LTP Group

LTP Supplier visit in Italy

We are also working very closely with our materials and trims suppliers forging stronger ties with a clear focus on our technically complex garments. In September, we spent almost a week in Italy having strategic meetings with our suppliers and visiting their mills. Key takeaway from the suppliers is that forecasting is more important than ever.

LTP Garment team visiting MITI. Source: LTP Group

About LTP

LTP is a Danish owned garment manufacturer for +60 premium brands within active sportswear, outdoor, athleisure and sustainable fashion. LTP was established in 1991, and is probably the biggest Sport & Outdoor garment manufacturer in Europe with bluesign setups in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Vietnam

LTP consists of two divisions; LTP Garment and LTP Contract Furniture producing in ten fully-owned factories.

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