Top 10 most followed bike apparel brands in 2020

November 2020

The increasing adoption of bike apparels is an emerging fashion trend

This year bicycle riding has been gaining traction amongst people in all parts of the world. Accordingly grew the cycling apparel market. Brands have been coming up with a wide range of cycling apparel and gears to gain customer loyalty towards cycling wear products.

The Global bike trade fair Eurobike would be usually a place to showcase the latest and greatest products and services, groundbreaking innovations and new trends. However, as many other exhibitions and events this year, Eurobike had to cancel their special edition 2020 show scheduled for 24th-26th November.

The cancellation of the show doesn’t mean innovation in the sector has to suffer. To give a grasp on the biggest trends in the industry, LTP Group has made a list of the year's most followed bike apparel brands on Instagram. Check our article on TOP 10 in 2019.

The internal LTP analysis is based on more than 300 bike apparel brands. The analysis doesn’t include brands with major turnovers from other product categories than bike apparel, e.g. helmets, bicycles etc., also online web shops.

Below you can find the best performing bike apparel brands in terms of the highest number of followers on Instagram in November, 2020.

#10 Café du Cycliste, France, founded in 2012 – 85.300 followers

Image source: café du Cycliste

#9 Sportful, Italy, founded in 1946 – 87.600 followers

Image source: Sportful

#8 Pas Normal Studios, Denmark, founded in 2015 – 91.500 followers

Image source: Pas Normal Studios

#7 Black Sheep Cycling, Australia, founded in 2014 – 92.800 followers

Image source: Black Sheep Cycling

#6 Band of Climbers, UK, founded in 2018 – 111.000 followers

Image source: Band of Climbers

#5 MAAP, Australia, founded in 2014 – 140.000 followers

Image source: MAAP

Despite being founded fairly recently in 2014, MAAP has grown impressively fast in its young life, driven by a consistent design aesthetic, collaborations, race and influencer sponsorship. The brand has grown a reputation for its bold, stylish designs that follows the commitment to developing the art and progression of cycling. Check out our interview with a co-founder of MAAP.

#4 Giro, USA, founded in 2011 – 264.900 followers

Image source: Giro

#3 Mavic, France, founded in 1889 – 266.700 followers

Image source: Mavic

#2 Castelli Cycling, Italy, founded in 1876, 289.300 followers

Image source: Castelli Cycling

#1 Rapha, UK, founded in 2004 – 552.000 followers

Image source: Rapha

Rapha, with 552.000 followers, is the most followed road bike apparel brand already 3 years in a row. It keeps a steady growth by around 20% every year. New to the list are Pas Normal Studios and Café du Cycliste. The former is a relatively young Copenhagen based brand of contemporary, technical cycling clothing combined with a visionary aesthetic that includes fashionable patterns and colors. Compared to 2019, it almost doubled its followers’ number on Instagram. Café du Cycliste, a French cycling apparel brand, is also among the fastest growing brands on Instagram (66% growth compared to 2019).

Below you can find the Top 10 list of the most followed bike apparel brands.

Source: LTP Group

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