Time to collaborate

August 2020

As more and more brands hook-up, the LTP Group look at what makes a successful collaboration

This week LTP Design Manager CHANTELL FENTON and Michael Lillelund partner at ebike specialist MATE discuss the brands recent collaboration with Moncler Genius, as well as the benefits of open source strategies.

As brand alliances and partnerships become increasingly important, we examine what makes a collaboration a success. Below are key considerations, advice and opportunities for brands embarking on a new joint venture.

Seek a creative partner who aligns with your vision

In an ever-changing retail landscape, nothing rings more true than the old African proverb

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

In recent years a new wave of strategic partnerships emerge amongst brands with shared philosophies. Authentic alliances resonate with consumers by creating real meaning and excitement.

When discussing MATE’s latest collab with Moncler, Lillelund talks of shared principles and exciting synergies between the two companies, confirming

“The new world is all about inter-industry alliances”

By joining forces with like-minded businesses, brands can not only reach new audiences but also tackle the industry’s biggest challenges via combined resources and shared learning as a force for good.

Seasoned collaborator Byborre adopts this strategy, inviting conscious cohorts to utilise their research and technology in open source thinking to drive innovation across the wider industry. The brands recent hook-up with 3D company M-XR explores the duos shared mission to fuse fashion and technology for the betterment of the planet and the design process. This shared vision supercharges creativity.

Byborre x M-XR, image source    https://www.m-xr.com/
Byborre x M-XR, image source HTTPS://WWW.M-XR.COM/

Prioritise purpose

When considering future collaborations, Lillelund stresses the importance of defining the goals from the outset. With MATE and Moncler the collab is driven by a shared purpose to create a more sustainable future. The duo’s alliance represents the perfect opportunity for MATE to reach a wider audience with the brands mission

“To encourage consumers to take the bike as oppose to the car”

And with Moncler Genius’ first collaboration outside of the fashion world, the collaboration is the perfect opportunity to frame a new narrative. The collab aims to cement the importance of e-mobility for a more sustainable future. Lillelund states

“60% of all car trips in the US are under 5 miles. These small miles could be done on a bike. Resulting in less pollution and saving the planet”

As more consumers are choosing products underpinned by sustainability, partners need to be transparent about their values whilst reaffirming joint purpose-led priorities.

MATE x Moncler Genius, image source    https://www.mate.bike/eu/
MATE x Moncler Genius, image source HTTPS://WWW.MATE.BIKE/EU/

Co-create to innovate

It’s fair to say the collaborative landscape is crowded, with new drops released every other week, in order to standout aim to create something innovative and unique which excites consumers. Lillelund reinforces this message stating it was important for MATE to deliver something new with the Moncler collaboration, the aim was to

“combine the best from both worlds”

Fusing Moncler’s high fashion credentials with MATE’s solution-driven tech and sustainable ethos. The collab results in a succession of MATE firsts. The brands first winter e-bike which is the fastest and strongest Mate bike to date, suitable for both urban travel and mountain exploration. It’s also the brands first 4G-connected smart bike with a unique self-destruct mode which renders the bike functionally useless if stolen.

Originally unveiled during the Genius Milan Fashion Week 2020 show, the pioneering e-bike is complete with Moncler jacket which doubles up as a battery wrap to ensure maximum range in sub zero temperatures.

Collabs should aim to embrace innovation to deliver on consumer everyday needs with beautifully designed product offers, this Lillelund insists is the holy grail.

MATE x Moncler Genius, image source    https://www.mate.bike/eu/
MATE x Moncler Genius, image source HTTPS://WWW.MATE.BIKE/EU/

Gain access to new consumers

Collaborations are a common tactic for brands looking to connect with new customers and generate hype whilst driving volume across core product ranges. They provide the perfect opportunity for brands to speak directly to new and existing consumers outside of regular drops.

London-based designer Craig Green’s second release with Adidas delivered hype and enabled the brand to revisit iconic adidas silhouettes and present them to a new audience.

For MATE, Lillelund affirms collaborations are an integral part of the brands long term strategy designed as a vehicle to enter new sectors with meaningful unions.

It’s important to remember no brand is an island, strategic partnerships that interweave brands from different spheres into each others' ecosystems is key to creating new business opportunities. A strategy collaboration king Virgil Abloh pioneered and whom MATE coincidentally would love to collaborate with.

Craig Green x adidas Originals image source    www.adidas.co.uk
Craig Green x adidas Originals image source WWW.ADIDAS.CO.UK

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