Real CSR - recycled plastic bags

October 2019


LTP offers recycled plastic bags for packaging

The mission is quite clear… We need to stop polluting our Planet Earth!

At LTP we take this mission very seriously – and among a broad range of CSR related efforts, we also offer a solution for brands to substitute their present plastic bags for packaging, with a recycled option.


The World is now producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which is for single use and is non-biodegradable. The carbon footprint of plastic (LDPE or PET, poyethylene) is about 6 kg CO2 per kg of plastic. More than 8 million tons of waste plastic enters the ocean every year killing and harming marine life.

Garment Industry game changer

In LTP Garment business we do products from oil-based fabrics and we use plastic for packaging. In LTP alone we use about 22 tons of plastic for packaging. Substituting fabrics can be complicated. But the packaging we can affect, and we already have solutions ready for the brands. Together with our suppliers, LTP has developed a package solution with recycled plastic.

BAG-2-BAG RECYCLING PROGRAM (1)_newformat.jpg

The bag contains 50% recycled material and provide the same function as a regular plastic bag – protecting from dust and spots. The bag has no shady view and is as transparent as ordinary plastic bags. Both printing and glue strips are possible on the bags. LTP recommends printing "Recycled" in order to spread the awareness for the environment.

The bags we provide are made from old used products. So, in order to support circular economy – it is returned to the production chain.


The answer is quite clear! We all need to take action in order to prevent our Planet from suffering. As LTP manufactures for high-end sports- and outdoor brands, we also need to take a stand. Many of LTP’s brands have very strong CSR strategies, and LTP need to match these tendencies.

But the solution is not as straight-forward as it seems. At LTP we investigated the habits and possibilities of recycling among end-users. If people see something that looks like plastic, they will most likely place it in a ‘plastic container’ when disposing garbage. Not being aware of the fact, that the bag is 50% biodegradable – it will pollute the conventional plastic disposed in the same container. Another challenge is, that far from every country has developed stations and methods to collect nor biodegrade waste. As humankinds as of today, we would not place something that looks like plastic into a domestic biodegradable basket and later use it to fertilize our own tomatoes. We hope, that by working with these solutions, generations to come will be more confident when it comes to new methods of packaging and recycling.

LTP bag_2_new.png

Our 50 % recycled bags are produced nearby LTP premises and do therefore not cause negative influence from transportation.

CSR Manager at LTP,  Aurelija says: "More than 12 of LTP’s Garment brands are using our bags at the moment, and the goal is that by 2025, 85% of our used bags will be recycled."

If you are ready to enter a more eco-friendly cooperation, please contact our CSR manager Aurelija at . We can provide you samples and spec’s and can implement immediately after approval. Let’s not wait too long…