New Director of Global Operations in LTP Garment

May 2022

We are excited to announce...

We are excited to announce, that Paul Wiberg-Jørgensen is joining LTP Garment as our new Director of Global Operations

Paul will support LTP’s continued growth and increasing International footprint.

With his passion for Global Expansion, Operational Excellence and Standardized processes, Paul will be working as part of our multicultural &  multitalented global team.

Paul has extensive experience within supply chain management, recently from Amgros I/S, where he as Head of Supply Chain was responsible for end-to-end procurement and supply of their products.

Further, he is experienced from his work at Demant, where he as Director of Global Supply Chain Planning lead the global operations supply chain strategy.

His academic background is a Master in Political Science from University of Copenhagen and an MBA in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.

Further he serves as a Reserve Officer in The Royal Life Guards (Danish Army).