The multiple benefits of tree planting

May 2022

Tree Planting - One special day for us in Lithuania!

We are excited to share, that we have planted trees in a Lithuanian National forest.

It has been a very special day, doing something good for our forest and for ourselves.
We all know the necessity of forests for our planet. They form habitats for numerous flora and fauna species, prevent soil erosion, purify air and absorb carbon dioxide, protect ground and surface waters.

Tree planting is also a healthy activity. Scientific studies have shown that soil microbes act as natural antidepressant. Those “happy” microbes cause cytokine levels to rise, which leads to the production of more serotonin. Forests in Lithuania cover approximately 33% of the territory, and this large share should be preserved.

We planted approximately 3,000 pines and spruce trees, and because they are part of the government forests, these trees will be protected.