CEO Appointed for LTP Garment Division

April 2020

4 quick questions for Camilla - Read an interview with Camilla here:

Q: How has it been to start in the middle of a Corona time?

A: I was very fortunate that I managed to visit our factory in Vietnam before things escalated. I got to meet our teams in Finance, Operations and Sales, enjoyed spending time in our factory and met the key people in production ranging from sewers to the head of Manufacturing. I also had a week in our Head Quarters in Copenhagen before retrieving to the home office. Like in all other businesses we are addressing the immediate challenges posed by the Corona virus together with our customers, adjusting internally and ensuring we take necessary steps for the healthy continuation of our business and factories. There has been more hands on involvement than there would have been in other circumstances given the need to quickly adapt. A great outcome has been to see  the co-operation between our different companies and departments work so well.

Q: What was your first impression of LTP Group when you were approached for the job?

A: When I met with the founders including Morten the Group CEO and heard the story of LTP Group and what it stands for it was very clear to me that LTP is a company based on a super strong set of values, ethical business practices and a culture that encourages trust and initiative. Now meeting the managers in LTP, even it mainly has been online, I feel this culture is into the bones of the company. The cultural and person fit was there from the get- go. The story of how the business was solidly build over the years always challenging itself to move forward and push boundaries is also something I connect with very strongly.

Q: What new perspectives do you bring to LTP Garment?

A: My experience and understanding of how our branded customers work both in traditional and new business models, and my international experience complements our already super team very nicely I think. I look forward to meet the rest of LTP team and all our fantastic brands, and will as soon as possible set-up meetings together with our strong sales team headed by CCO Alex Ingildsen, Sales Director (Europe) Zaneta Seremetiene, Director (Vietnam) Nomeda Kaucikiene and Director (Lithuania) Eugenija Januliene. I love the products we make for so many brands, and I have had product development, design and innovation as a strong component in my career.

Q: What is your view on sustainability in an industry otherwise heavily criticized?

A: I think we all as corporates need to pick up our share of the responsibility in creating a more sustainable world. It’s a must for me today that the organization I’m part of place a high importance on this topic just as LTP does. I joined from an electrical bicycle brand where sustainability is a natural part of the product offer. I actively seek it. I really look forward to work more with our Consciously Crafted by LTP initiative.