3 Exciting innovations revolutionising the bike market

November 2020

As Eurobike 2020 is cancelled, look to LTP’s 360° Innovation Book to inspire the next generation of cycling apparel.

Due to coronavirus travel restrictions, Eurobike recently cancelled their special edition 2020 show scheduled for 24th-26th November. For many this event represents a chance to showcase their latest and greatest products and services whilst also providing the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals to drive innovation and inspiration for the seasons ahead.

Pas Normal Studios, image source www.pasnormalstudios.com

The cancellation of the show doesn’t mean innovation in the sector has to suffer. Look to LTP’s 360° Innovation Book for a dose of inspiration. The book outlines the newest need-to-know developments in fabrics, trims and technologies to help brands make forward-thinking and sustainable choices. Alex Ingildsen, CCO at LTP Group states

“LTP are committed to bringing innovation and advancement through experimentation and development. Our team of specialists are driven by a constant quest for creativity, innovation & excellence.”

Here, Ingildsen, fabric sourcing & innovation manager at LTP Laura Didžiokienė and designer/trend forecaster Chantell Fenton discuss the innovations which will drive the next generation of bike-wear.

Fabrics With Sun-proof Qualities Gain Momentum

Cyclists and outdoor athletes are at an increased risk of sun damage from harmful UV rays due to the depletion of the ozone layer and rising global temperatures. Fabrics with built in sun-defence will become a key development for high summer collections.

Interlad B.V. have created a tan-through solution, dubbed SunSelect Textiles. SunSelect is a scientifically developed, patented fabric which blocks the most harmful UV-B sunrays, but transmits a selective amount of UV-A sunrays through to the skin for a “no more tan lines” finish. The fabric filters ultraviolet sunlight to achieve a safer all-over tan. Unlike traditional sun creams the fabric does not contain harmful chemicals which can negatively affect the environment. Integrated into the fibre the UV-B protection cannot be washed out and retains the effectiveness for the lifespan of the product. The fabric also features  performance qualities like quick dry, breathability and odour control technology. Ideal for long and short sleeve jerseys.

Another option is Singtex S.Café® which utilises recycled coffee grounds. The fabric provides natural everlasting 50+ UPF sun protection. Through a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, recycled coffee grounds are infused with the polymer to provide performance benefits including sun protection to 50+ UPF that will never wash out. The micro-pores on S.Café® coffee grounds absorb odours and maintain the UPF value both when wet and dry. They also offer up to 200% faster drying time when compared with cotton. Helly Hansen’s Solen range is crafted from this fabric.

Up-spec Cycling Ranges With Compression Zoning

Compression zoning and 3D body mapping is another exciting area of innovation for the bike market, utilised by trailblazers such as MAAP and Pas Normal Studio.

During activity, variated knits offer muscle stabilization whilst graduated compression also increases blood circulation by helping to send deoxygenated blood back to the heart via veins and removing lactic acid from the muscles.

Innovative Italian technical warpknit fabric producer, Piave Maitex specially developed a technical jacquard which offers variant levels of compression and targeted knitting zones depending on the need for muscular support and/or ventilation. The fabric also features a built-in 4cm gripper on one selvedge for a clean cut, no-chafe finish. The company are extremely excited by the innovation stating

“The advantage of the material lies within its outstanding ergonomic features, different elasticity and integrated grip, an effect obtained by the structure of the fabric and not by the application of silicone, optimising functionality and comfort,”

Previous developments were made from nylon but the latest iteration is engineered from polyester with maximum  performance benefits. Other developments feature recycled polyester and Roica Eco Smart. The new development can be customised with sublimation. The material is ideal for next-generation bib-shorts.

The 360° Innovation Book by the LTP Group, image source www.ltpgroup.com

Use Wool For The Natural Advantage

As consumers increasingly favour more sustainable alternatives, wool’s inherent performance and technical benefits make it a great choice for cycling. LTP’s team of specialists highlighted the importance of wool for bikewear innovations back in November 2019, read the full article “Wool - The Natural Solution.”

MITI’s latest wool development combines the best qualities of wool with the benefits of high performing synthetic fibres. The Superwool fabric, called Natural Match is a blend of merino virgin wool (skin side) and nylon (air side), making the textile ideal for winter cycling bib shorts. Natural Match combines the best qualities of nylon, high performance, active stretch, abrasion resistance with the soft touch, breathability, temperature regulation and enhanced wicking qualities of merino virgin wool. LTP are already using MITI’s first warpknit fabric with wool, SUPERWOOL BLACK in development for next-generation bikewear trousers.

Another option is Thygesen & Birk, who are a trailblazer for active wool fabrics, favoured by brands such as Rapha who use their signature merino and Sportwool.

The 360° Innovation Book by the LTP Group, image source www.ltpgroup.com

How To Get Your Copy of The 360° Innovation Book

All the latest innovations are featured in LTP’s 360° Innovation Book. This resource is available to all existing customers as part of the companies Value Added Services which are strategically developed to provide brands with the tools to drive new and exciting product developments. This suite includes:

Seasonal Trend Analysis for the Sport & Outdoor Industry

Meet Your Manufacturer

360° Innovation book

3D Product Creation

The Sport & Outdoor Apparel Network

Product Design & Development, Creation and Innovation

Global Innovation from EU & Asia

Consciously Crafted by LTP

Sustainable Development Service

For more information please feel free to contact Alex at the LTP Group [ali@ltpgroup.com].

The Innovation 360° book created by the LTP Group, source LTP Group

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