Nature is a key source of inspiration for Autumn/Winter 21/22

September 2020

The Must Know Trends For The Sports And Outdoor Industry

As consumers look to spend an increasing amount of time amongst nature, products that are de-signed for and inspire directly by the natural world become increasingly important. The great Outdoors becomes a key source of inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2021/22, from utility trims and camo-inspired fabric innovation to products built specifically to perform in earths most ex-treme terrains.

Alex Ingildsen, CCO at LTP Group and trend forecaster Chantell Fenton discuss which back-to-nature themes will influence the sport and outdoor market for Autumn/Winter 21/22 as outlined in the LTP Group’s seasonal forecast.

Tackling some of nature’s most extreme terrains is key for the next generation of runners. Create products that stack-up.

As participation in physically punishing endurance races grows, the needs of urban athletes will drive innovation and styling. Reject conventional colour pairings and prints in favour of a more off-beat approach which sees performance and streetwear aesthetics combine. Reactive fabrics that can read and respond to the wearer to combat over-heating signal the move to performance 2.0. Built-in and easy-to-carry straps will be essential for events where participants carry their own supplies.

Wild Runner Trend Board, image source

Adaptability is key for utilitarian looks inspired by camping and the great outdoors

As consumers look to buy-less-but-better demand intensifies for adaptable activewear and products that offer multiple end-uses. Virgil Abloh, coined the term “Accessomorphosis” meaning the transformation of an accessory into a garment, effectively evolving its functional form. Introduce buildable apparel and hybrid designs with removable and detachable ele-ments. Outer layers that transform into backpacks or offer reversible styling are ideal for ur-ban commuters.

Although longevity in design is key, also consider end of life. Aim to design for disassembly, panelled constructions can easily be repaired, replaced or recycled after-use.

Utilitarian TrendBoard, image source

The desire to disconnect from technology by going off-grid inspires next seasons innovations

Ever since Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, the desire to disappear holds allure with consum-ers. Canadian camouflage company Hyperstealth Biotechnology has made this a reality pa-tenting a fabric that bends light to make people and objects near invisible to the naked eye. Use this technology in stealth collections allowing wearers to literally blend into the environ-ment. Could the same material be used in panelling to slim the silhouette? Another option is color-changing ink or built in flexible displays which allow the wearer to change the animated print from a smartphone app. Contemporary camos will also surge in relevance as consum-ers look to go off-grid.

Off Grid TrendBoard, image source

Habits are set to pivot as consumers look to spend more time outdoors

Climbing and hiking will continue to gain popularity. Reject the traditional neons and hyper-brights in favour of more conscious colour. Opt for dope-dying or use natural alternatives such as turmeric, beetroot, flowers or coffee. Adaptability is key for all-weather climbs. Outer layers must feature two-way zips and under-arm stretch for added flexibility and ease of movement. Versatility is key for mid-layers. Opt for multi-discipline silhouettes. Aim to en-hance performance by adding additional pockets and loops to the waist for harnesses and climbing essentials.

Conscious ClimbTrend Board, image source

How to get the complete Autumn/Winter 2021/22 Sport/Outdoor forecast

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