Upcoming tennis brands & trends

January 2022

Which tennis apparel brands are breaking into the market?

This month, everyone’s eyes are on the Australian Open, a tennis tournament held annually over the last fortnight of January at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. The tournament is the first of the four Grand Slam tennis events held each year, preceding the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. For tennis players functional quality apparel is just about as important as swinging the racquet. Player’s arrival at the court, in quality branded clothing, can work wonders to awe the opponent.

Head Sportswear. Image source: www.head.com

We are used to see tennis players wearing well-known tennis apparel brands such as Head Sportswear, Babolat, Nike, Yonex, Wilson, Lacoste, Adidas, Stellar McCartney, Fila, Sergio Tacchini However, and others, but at LTP we are always interested to learn what are the upcoming ones.

Here, we have served up a list of the upcoming tennis brands that got into our radar.

Castore Sportswear, UK

The luxury sportswear brand has skyrocketed to success since its launch in 2015 by signing British tennis champion Andy Murray to bring their gear on the world stage.

Andy Murray wearing Castore. Image source: www.tennishead.net

Palmes, Denmark

A modern-day menswear brand with roots in tennis culture for wearing on and off the court, rooted in the belief that tennis should be for the many. The brand that is built on a sustainability pillar. Close to all their designs are made in eco-friendly materials, either organic or recycled. Sustainability is one of the hottest topics in the industry and while some of the earlier established brands try to imbed sustainable practices in their strategy, the newly established brands have a possibility to have it in their DNR already.

Palmes Tennis Society. Image source: www.hypebeast.com

L'etoile sport, USA

An American sportswear brand launched in 2012 at the Meadow Club in Southampton. “Play all day” is the company motto, a nod to the collection’s multipurpose, on-and-off-the-court appeal.

L’etoile sport. Image source: L’etoile sport

Other trends in tennis world

As Alex Ingildsen, CCO at LTP Garment, notices, more and more of the tennis brands fuses fashion with function making multipurpose apparel and showing that women can wear not only traditional tennis dresses or skirts but also leggings and bras. An example could be Serena Williams wearing a black, pink and red Nike unitard – with one full-length and one bike-short length leg – at the Australian Open in 2021. Following this trend, we believe that many athleisure brands will come as a competition to existing tennis brands.

Serena Williams, Australian Open in 2021. Image source: vogue.co.uk (Cameron Spencer image)

Another big thing that we see in tennis world is Padel. We believe that many brands should soon hit the market with their exciting offerings for on and off the court. You can read our earlier article The next big thing, padel is on the brink of world domination, where we spoke with Sofie Akerlund from hot new brand TwoTwo about padel, the booming sport of Europe.

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