The need-to-know sport & outdoor trends for Spring/Summer 2022

November 2020

From Standard Issue to Supersized Escapism and Sports Science, these are the trends that will resonate with consumers and drive innovation

As we begin to look ahead and turn our focus to the new season, trend forecaster Chantell Fenton and the LTP team discuss the biggest trends and key drivers that will shape the sport and outdoor industry for Spring/Summer 2022.

Seasonal Trend Analysis for the Sport & Outdoor Industry, image source

The three themes outlined in this article, Standard Issue, Supersized Escapism and Sports Science are underpinned by the macro driver of the season, No Middle Ground. In this moment, it’s abundantly clear the future is no longer what we thought it would be, now is the time to shift your thinking and reevaluate your offer, as Spring/Summer 2022 is not the time to be average. This season is about polar opposites. Brands must break from the centre and deliver what resonates most with their consumers. Whether bold and loud or quiet and refined both are driven by the pursuit of comfort. Use Spring/Summer 2022 as an opportunity to break from the middle and pursue the extremes whilst embracing the duality of the season ahead.

1. Standard Issue

As consumers become accustomed to comfort dressing pared-down luxury continues to gain traction. It’s all about making better with less. Simplicity is key. Be clever with seam placements to create innovative lines whilst removing unnecessary seams. Play with proportions. Use oversized sleeves, cocoon silhouettes or elongated hoods to create cosy elevated basics. Up-spec core styles with soft brushed-back fabrics. Opt for recycled or biodegradable qualities. Natural, raw and plant-derive colour reinforces the sustainable messaging.

Standard Issue Trend Board, image source

2. Supersized Escapism

The digital and physical continue to blur as consumers desire apparel that provides a much-needed escape from reality. Look to gaming and the e-sports industry to inspire a more playful aesthetic with rave culture influences. Take a maximalist approach with vibrant, offbeat pairings and OTT prints that feed into the high-spirited mood of this trend. Products must spark joy, from performance to athleisure this trend is about mood-boosters. For hyper-bright colours use dope-dyeing instead of piece dyeing which is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Supersized Escapism Trend Board, image source

3. Sports Science

Athletes from recreation to pro-level will look to optimise performance and enhance athletic ability via connected workouts. Training will be driven by data from programs powered by AI to on-demand personal trainers. Use cutting-edge technology and next-gen innovation to create connected products which heightened the gym experience. Integrate smart textiles with built in sensors for tracking and real-time feedback. Digital inspired-colour and glitch graphics move IRL products into the digital realm. All-in-one statement styles are designed to mirror gaming skins.

Sports Science, image source

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