Top 10 Fastest Growing Bike Apparel Brands

March 2022

Bike apparel continues to thrive. Although up until now it was challenging to open physical stores, online retail is booming.

Brands are coming up with bold and innovative design decisions as cycling is becoming a more and more attractive sports activity open to all ages, genders, and profiles, creating further space for designers to bring function and vision to life.  

Every year LTP presents a SoMe analysis of the most followed and fastest growing bike apparel brands on Instagram. For past analysis, check our articles on TOP 10 most followed and TOP 10 fastest growing bike brands in 2020.  

The LTP analysis is based on more than 300 bike apparel brands, though the basis continues to grow as the influence of brands and trend setters is ever-changing. A point of note, the analysis does not include brands with major turnovers from other product categories than bike apparel e.g., helmets, bicycles etc., or online retailers.

Below you will find our newest analysis of the best performing bike apparel brands based on growth rate in the number of followers on Instagram in December 2021.

Image source: Pedal Mafia

#10 Givelo Cycling, Colombia, founded in 2015 - 42.600 followers (30% growth)

Image source: Givelo Cycling

“Don’t Settle” – Givelo’s philosophy encourages you to push your limits while focusing the journey on lifestyle rather than the brand itself.

#9 MAAP, Australia, founded in 2014 – 183.000 followers (32% growth)

Source: MAAP

Despite being a relatively young brand, today MAAP is the biggest bike apparel brand in Australia. It is also one of the most innovative bike brands, standing out with its bold designs for their clothes.

#8 Biehler Sportswear, Germany, founded in 1993 – 47.100 followers (32% growth)

Source: Biehler

To reduce a plastic waste and raise the awareness, this cycling brand launched a campaign encouraging the pick-up of trash when out on a ride with the hashtag #TrashRideTuesday and get on Biehler list!

#7 Wild Rye, United States, founded in 2016 – 27.600 followers (33% growth)

Image source: Wild Rye

Wild Rye focuses on empowering “women-identifying-outdoor-lovers,” to build confidence and community.

#6 Assos, Switzerland, founded in 1976 – 103.000 followers (34% growth)

Image source: Assos

Assos is also one of the oldest bike apparel brands and prides themselves on their continual innovation in the space. Read more about the oldest bike apparel brands in the industry here.

#5 Pedal Mafia, Australia, founded in 2014 – 81.100 followers (35% growth)

Image source: Pedal Mafia

“Welcome to the familia” – Pedal Mafia give just as much consideration to its approach to apparel design and production as it does to its commitment to the sport and the relationships forged on the road.

#4 Pas Normal Studios, Denmark, founded in 2015 – 124.000 followers (36% growth)

Image source: PNS

Pas Normal Studios is well known for its International Cycling Club which boasts 27.243 members around the globe.

#3 UYN, Italy, founded in 2018 – 22.100 followers (42% growth)

Image source: UYN

Do you know what’s hiding behind this brand’s name?  UYN is an acronym for the phrase “Unleash Your Nature” which the brand believes encapsulates their philosophy for creating functional products that help riders realize inner nature and the one that is around.

#2 Ryzon, Germany, founded in 2016 – 46.800 followers (43% growth)

Image source: Ryzon

Through the Ryzon Tribe and inspiring each rider on their own journey, this brand is known for its Cycling Units - group rides for everyone with the same passion. Rides are organized with a guide on road bikes in several cities around Germany.

#1 Le Coffee Ride, Belgium, founded in 2018 – 31.900 followers (82% growth)

Image source: Le Coffee Ride

The brand that expanded from café & accommodation in Belgian Ardennes, now offers bike apparel for everyone from beginners to elite riders.

Below you can find the Top 10 list of the fastest growing bike apparel brands

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