LTP celebrates 30 years anniversary in Lithuania

June 2022

Today, it is 30 years ago we established our fully-owned sewing factory in Lithuania. A lot has happened since then, and today we would like to mark a few highlights – from back when it all started – until today.

The adventure began in the late 1980’s. It was a tough time, the textile industry was in flux, and brands were starting to look for offshoring production. We knew this was the market for us. Capacity was launched because we loved textile products and wanted to connect brands with great manufacturers in Southern Europe.

Jon & Morten, source: LTP Group

Co-founder Jon S. Knudsen reminisces:

“It was hard work setting up new operations in unfamiliar territory, but I combined my love of travel and business whilst also indulging my passion for freshwater swimming”.

Morten Østergaard and his partners started by searching for business opportunities in the Baltics and they ended up in Lithuania, introduced to local sewing and knitting factories.

Morten met Jon who was already in business in South Europe and Poland, and in 1992 they founded LTP in Lithuania.

We were one of the first foreign companies registered in the newly independent Lithuania”

says Morten and continues:

“One of the main reasons why we chose Lithuania was because of the exceptionally talented and friendly people”.
LTP Garment factory in Kaunas, Lithuania. Source: LTP Group

The dream has always been to have a global operation

Today LTP is a truly global business having 10 factories in 5 countries across North America, Europe & Asia.

LTP adopted the same winning strategy from the European facility. Hiring local talent was hugely important. Our group functions and our strategic functions, including sustainability, are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

LTP Furniture factory, opened in 2021, in Saltillo, Mexico. Source: LTP Group.

A new era, and full speed into the future

In 2020 LTP welcomed a new executive management setup, consisting of Jeannett Hvidkjær(Group CFO), Camilla Deichmann (CEO Garment) & Henrik Holmgaard Olsson (CEO Furniture).

2020 - New executive Management Team in Headquarter Copenhagen. Source: LTP Group
“Our people are truly our greatest asset, several of whom we have worked with for many years. We challenge ourselves and our teams to increasingly raise the bar, continually strive to create the product of tomorrow and never shy away from the unknown”,

says Jeannett Hvidkjær.

LTP Group is a manufacturer serving premium sport & outdoor and contract & design furniture brands with global reach. LTP Group is a specialist in handling textiles and are composed of a garment division and furniture division.

CEO Garment, Camilla Deichmann:

"LTP is a truly global business. This leaves us in a unique position with a high degree of flexibility in serving our premium brand customers as their preferred garment manufacturing partner”
“LTP Group is regarded as one of the best production partners and we are proud to serve some of the most ambitious and quality-oriented brands”,

CEO Furniture Henrik Holmgaard Olsson says.


LTP became LTP Consciously Crafted

LTP Group has made a commitment to drive sustainable manufacturing, this is why we say LTP Consciously Crafted. Unlocking Transparency is one of our 4sustainability commitments, steering our sustainability strategy towards 2025.

Consciously crafted is our commitment to drive sustainable manufacturing, with environmental and ethical accountability determining our choices in producing durable, functional, premium products.