Strong cooperation - Pontetorto & LTP

January 2017

"Green product" from Pontetorto Sport System Techno wool

In March 2017, Alessandro Acuti and Annemarie Kerckhoffs from Italian Pontetorto visited LTP's production & innovation center in Kaunas, Lithuania. Pontetorto is one of the leading suppliers of functional fabrics, and "it is always good for collaboration when partners face each other," tells Chief of Sales, Žaneta Šeremetienė from LTP's Kaunas office.

"We love to have visits from the fabric suppliers. It is vital to our account managers to meet the fabric suppliers and  have the latest collections and trends presented by the companies behind the fabrics. More and more brands are now also looking for the story behind the fabrics, caring  about the world we live in. They are focusing on recycled, biodegradable, blue sign environmentally friendly fabrics still with functional features that are really important for functional garments.

We are happy to have Pontetorto's fabrics filling top spots of our fabric library covering more than 300 suppliers enabling us to offer them to our customers on immediate request. We are deeply involved in developing new collections with all our customers, and finding the right materials is one of the most important ways we can add value for our brands," tells Žaneta.

Naturally, we asked Alessandro about future trends and how it is to work with LTP:

"We are still very strong in wool and wool blend fabrics, and I am especially proud of our Sport System Techno wool programme, which is a green product combining nature and technology as well as fashion and sport.

Techno wool offers fantastic natural color combinations that can only be achieved with wool. The internal polyester layer dries rapidly, while the wool in the outer layer absorbs the water vapor leaving it to evaporate slowly. The combination of pile wool and carted wool offers a thermal comfort that no other product can match. Techno wool is a line of products that combine contemporary fashion with the most advanced technology available."

Alessandro Acuti from Pontetorto show the newest fabric collection to LTP's account managers in Kaunas, Lithuania
Alessandro Acuti from Pontetorto show the newest fabric collection to LTP's account managers in Kaunas, Lithuania

LTP solve problems

Alessandro continues: "We have worked with LTP for many years and we often recommend LTP to brands. Firstly, LTP delivers stable, high quality and on-time deliveries to brands. Secondly, LTP is very often solving problems, that are even not related to LTP, and maybe the most important, LTP is a specialist when it comes to innovative ideas, sharp fitting, deep know-how on materials and also, LTP is in front on know-how for coming-up technology."

Company profile - Pontetorto

Pontetorto has been producing quality fabrics by means of high levels of expertise and innovation for over half a century. Since 1952, when it was founded, Pontetorto has been perceived as a leader both locally and in the fashion industry where it has earned great visibility and standing. This was achieved through a strategy that has always blended traditional and new fabrics as a result of an R&D activity, where search for novelty was considered the key for growth.

In 1985, at a time when diversification was not highly regarded as a product strategy to implement, Pontetorto was the first mill in Europe to develop a range of pile fleece fabrics for active wear.

The Banci family, with the second generation at the helm, is pursuing the same strategy of investment and excellence. The new challenges are set by the health care and work wear sectors where the company is now focusing and allocating a lot of resources including a certified state of the art testing laboratory.

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