LTP Garment Launches a Transparency App to Bridge the Gap Between Manufacturer and Consumer

June 2022

LTP Group has made a commitment to drive sustainable manufacturing, this is why we say LTP Consciously Crafted. Unlocking Transparency is one of our 4 sustainability commitments, steering our sustainability strategy towards 2025.

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To identify the right sustainability priorities within our industry we conducted a materiality assessment based on insights provided by over 80 stakeholders (customers, suppliers, industry experts, etc.). One key conclusion drawn from the assessment is that the need for more transparency in the textile industry requires immediate solutions. We thus determined to respond to this need with the launch of a digital tool, one that would involve brands on this journey. Our ambition with this digital tool is to open up communication from manufacturers and brands towards the end-consumers, with the aim of creating a cascading effect in the industry.

This tool is a web enabled app called LTP Consciously Crafted®. Working as any other app, the tool is accessible online by any device via the scanning of a QR code placed on the products.  

Camilla Deichmann, CEO at LTP Garment explains:

“LTP is utilizing technology to further the sustainable mission and unlock additional transparency. The newly developed app which can be tailored to individual brands, is designed specifically for the end-consumer and is accessible via QR codes featured on labels and hangtags. Developed to provide insight for customers to verify marketing claims, the app can provide vital information about the manufacturer behind the garment, environmental and social conditions, material choices, how to care for the products etc. The platform also invites users to share their purchases via their SOME channels.”

LTP Consciously Crafted®, image source
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Giving Consumers the Ability to Make Conscious and Informed Decisions

According to the United Nations, the fashion and apparel industry accounts for more than 20% of wastewater globally, which approximates to a yearly consumption of 93bn cubic meters of water - enough for five million people to survive. As for carbon emissions, the industry emits approximately 8% of global output - more than all international flights and shipping combined.  

Consumers and regulatory bodies are applying mounting pressure on the industry to change past practices and disclose its impact along the supply and value chain. Sustainability has become a key factor in purchasing decisions and yet consumers still find it hard to understand #WhoMadeMyClothes. There is a real need for transparency and as an industry we must work collaboratively to provide consumers with the knowledge they need to make sustainable purchases and play a role in reducing the impact in the usage phase.  

The LTP Consciously Crafted® transparency app is just at its beginning and sets the foundation of our ambitions. We aim to continuously develop and expand the tool, so it adapts to consumer needs for information and usage.

Karin Simondon, Global Sustainability Director confirms:

“We want to make it as easy as possible for end-consumers to understand what makes a product more sustainable than another, looking at different aspects of sustainability, and how they can play a positive role in product care and disposal.”

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Content Based on Consumer Research

To truly respond to the need for transparency whilst effectively reaching the end-consumer target audience we felt it was paramount to tap in with consumers—to better understand what information they were seeking and how it could be understood by them. To do this we hosted multiple diverse and country spanning focus groups from which we gathered many key learnings which have been applied directly to the app. Among these learnings we re-established the importance of brand involvement all along the continued transparency and sustainability journey. We also learned that consumers were far more likely to trust sustainability information when it was presented in partnership between manufacturer and brand.  

Overall, those we spoke with were excited that there would soon be more information readily accessible to them covering the many different aspects of sustainability they take into consideration when making a garment purchase.  

The Latest Addition to Our Value Added Services

The transparency web enabled app, LTP Consciously Crafted® is available as a part of the LTP Group’s Value Added Services. This suite includes:  

Sustainability Solutions Accelerator

360° Innovation book

3D Product Visualisation

Seasonal Trend Analysis  

Product Design & Development, Creation and Innovation

The Sport & Outdoor Apparel Network

Meet Your Manufacturer

For further details about this transparency platform LTP Consciously Crafted ®  or any other Value Added Service please contact LTP Garment CCO Alex Ingildsen (

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