The LTP Pedal Challenge

May 2022

Becoming the King of Bike

Creating high performance cycling apparel is just a part of the equation. LTP is on a quest to further the in-house knowledge and cultivate a cycling community at our production facility in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The LTP Pedal Team, image source

LTP employees Aušra, Rūta and Edita have formed a cycling club. The LTP Pedal team were proud to take part in a three-day women’s cycling event in March. Aušra Paulauskienė, Sales Development Manager at the company and LTP Pedal team founder discusses the experience stating

“We make great products, training for the bike event has delivered further insights and strengthened our knowledge in the category. For us, it’s also provided the opportunity to take part in shaping a new community of ambitious cyclists in Kaunas.”

The LTP Pedal Team, image source

Getting Race Ready, The Teams Riding Adventures

Over the past 6 months, the LTP Pedal team have been training for CHPT3’s three-day Women’s Cycling Event hosted by professional cyclist and company founder David Millar and his wife Nicole.

The team has faced a host of challenges on their cycling journey, not least moving from recreational to pro-level training. The weather presented the first hurdle for the team to overcome. Training outside in winter in Lithuania is verging on impossible, temperatures can drop as low as -20 degrees with heavy snowfall frequent in the region. This forced the team to conduct all training indoors via the virtual reality training program, Zwift.

The second challenge came whilst trying to purchase the correct gear off-season locally. Many shops were out-of-stock. The team spend several days researching and sourcing the best shoes and equipment for indoor training.

The team also hired a coach to offer training insights and specialist knowledge on how to prepare for such a challenge. The team spent hundreds of hours training, squeezing sessions in before and after work. Each participant clocked-up close to 1000km during the preparation. The challenge also allowed the team to test the best the market has to offer in terms of cycling apparel, as well as several clients kit.

The LTP Pedal Team, image source

Race Day Arrives

The LTP Pedal Team, image source

The LTP Pedal team flew out to the CHPT3 event both nervous and excited. The four-night stay hosted by David and Nicole was in their hometown of Girona, the beautiful north-eastern Catalonia region of Spain. The area is a favourite with riders across the globe. Girona is home to many pro-cyclists with a wealth of cycling-focused bike shops for inspiration. One of the teams goals was to explore new cycling apparel trends and this  quest almost ended in an accident. During the ride Rūta narrowly avoided crashing into Edita whilst looking at the incredible kit worn by a passing cyclist.

Back to the race, the couple guided the riders around the region on a three-day adventure. The point-to-point race covered some of cycling’s most celebrated landscapes with varying terrains. Through rain, wind and shine, the event was both physically challenging and inspiring in equal measure.

The LTP Pedal Team, image source

With Sore Muscles But Open Hearts, The LTP Pedal Club Is Born

All members of the LTP Pedal team have forged a new found passion for cycling and intend to continue on their biking journey participating in new races and challenges. The team are also hosting regular group rides in Kaunas.

Cycling with the LTP Pedal Team, image source

LTP Launch In-house Bike Workshops

Doubling down on expert knowledge, LTP held a full-day bike workshop in Kaunas, to help forge a deeper understanding of the specifics of the cycling market. The day was hosted by in-house bike expert Marius Bernatonis, the hugely talented former professional rider from Vilnius in Lithuania. LTP employees from sales, R&D, quality, production and purchasing joined the workshop, discussing brand experiences and challenges. The collective also discussed up-coming bike events to watch, as well as focusing on how to enhance fit, future market innovations, next-level sampling and the technologies driving the industry.

The workshop will become a regular quarterly event with an open hotline to Marius. Employees can pose questions and brainstorm new innovations with the sports star. The aim is to broaden the already expansive in-house knowledge of the category and cement the company’s transition to become the king of bike.

About LTP

LTP is a Danish owned garment manufacturer for +60 premium brands within active sportswear, cycling, outdoor, urban performance, performance running and organic & lifestyle apparel. LTP was established in 1991 and now spans two continents - Europe and Asia with 6 fully owned factories. Our European Innovation Centre is located in Kaunas, Lithuania and our Asian Innovation Centre is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have a bluesign partner factory in all 4 countries where we operate (Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Vietnam).

LTP consists of two divisions; LTP Garment and LTP Furniture producing in eleven fully-owned factories.