World Creativity and Innovation Day in LTP Furniture

April 2023

Today we mark World Creativity and Innovation Day by acknowledging the work done by the people in our Lean, Automatization, and Research and Development departments.

In LTP Furniture, we strive to continuously improve our processes and production to fit our partner's developing needs for producing sofas, soft seating, chairs, mattress covers, etc. We attribute much of our success to embracing a lean and creative mentality and solving challenges in a new way.

background is a furniture robot spraying glue and the foreground are smaller round group photos of people
Our colleagues from our Lean, Automatization, and Research and Development departments

Some of our recent creative solutions include our Development Accelerator center with in-house wood and foam cutting factories to support a growing demand for sofa and soft seating OEM production. The center also contains our 3D visualization and engineering setup that can revive old furniture classics through 3D scanning. The software helps LTP decrease testing loops and, thereby, physical samples.

Further, we are focusing on implementing in-house robots to support our production colleagues in their daily work and how to automate various manufacturing processes throughout our factories.

In a world where customers demand functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing furniture, we recognize the importance of staying ahead of the curve. By applying lean principles and disrupting current business plans in research and development, we can decrease waste and increase efficiency meanwhile delivering better value to our customers.

Today, we encourage everyone to embrace creative thinking to approach a challenge differently, whether you are a designer, engineer, purchaser, or business leader.

We wish you a happy World Creativity and Innovation Day!

About LTP Group A/S

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