Accessories & Bed Textiles

Accessories & Bed Textiles

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We offer designer cushions, seat cushions and other textile related products.

For bed and cover brands we deliver textile components from our cut/sew operations. Components are packed and sealed in plastic bags ready to send to end-customer with handling instructions to the consumer.

LTP can support direct IT integration with eCommerce companies for order handling and logistic shipping solutions through our integrated Transport Administration (TA) System. In the TA-system, orders can be booked directly to the carrier, labels printed, shipping documents printed, and it is also possible to integrate Track and Trace (T&T) functions with the carrier.

We can source materials from both, your preferred suppliers and our own supply-chain. Orders are typically delivered according to a just-in-time concept, packed according to the order and labeled with the final customers address.


Chief of Quality
”Quality comes not from inspection, but from improvement of the production process" (W. Edwards Deming”). After more than 15 years it becomes a life style for me and my team at LTP - what we care about".