Design Chairs

Design Chairs

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LTP has great experience in production of design chairs with a sharp focus on quality. Our product developers have strong experience in transforming forward-thinking designs into mass production products. High runners are glued by robots to ensure consistency and the highest quality level.

Our production is organized so that we can produce small batches and handle large variation in fabric and leather. There are nearly 200 different fabrics in consignment stock at LTP, which can secure a very short and competitive lead time on selected fabrics. Your COM/COL order is something we handle with a smile.

We offer our concept “Chair in a box” that simplifies our customers operations by providing upholstered and fully assembled chairs packed in a box with your company logo.

We can also provide direct, global shipping to your end-costumers to reduce lead-time and to avoid cross docking at your warehouse.

Vygandas Venzlauskas

Technical & Development Manager
“Production of contract furniture is my life. My time is dedicated to implementing LEAN in our factories and finding smarter ways to industrialize made-to-order production and to ensure that we have the right team in the production. I’m here to take care of your furniture production – come visit us!”
"With LTP we know that we have a supplier who can deliver the right quality to a demanding market. One of the big advantages with LTP is the possibility to produce made-to-order in small quantities and use their consignment stock of fabrics to have shorter lead times.”
Bent Dock Kristensen