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At LTP we specialize in premium organic ranges and ethical manufacturing.

We are the global production partner for some of the most respected sustainable fashion brands and industry trailblazers. LTP are approved by Bluesign®, IVN/GOTS certification, which is widely considered the highest international certification for organic garments.

Our team of innovation specialists regularly share insights, knowledge and expertise to help brands make forward-thinking and sustainable choices.

Vilma Kersiene

Group Key Account Manager, Sustainable Fashion and Athleisure
"I have worked at LTP since 2005. I am tired? – No! Because LTP is special….all customers, suppliers, subcontractors feel that we have something different from other companies. We are a community with deep atmosphere, we are fighting, but we are also celebrating. To be sustainable – myself, I pick up trash in nature, do not buy plastic etc. To work in a sustainable department helps to find additional life values on how to do better".
“With LTP we can be certain, that only state-of-the-art technologies are being used. It is very reassuring to know, that our manufacturing partner can meet our demands and standards within technical capabilities, in order for us to create high quality products”
Christina Muljadi
Sourcing Manager, Filippa K