Products for cycling with sharp fitting and high-end materials


Working with premium performance sportswear brands for over three decades has allowed us to hone our craft. Our expert product development team possess a strong understanding of construction, materials and sewing technologies required by high performance categories. We see strong trends in specialized bike brands. For bike we specialize in sublimated jerseys, performance tights, bib shorts with built-in chamois, breathable hybrid jackets, lightweight woven shorts and more. LTP are the trusted partner for many premium cycling brands worldwide.

Kristina Tumpiene

Group Key Account Manager, Active Sport & Cycling
The Fox told the Little Prince: “In order to establish ties we should get to know each other”. I believe that a genuine, open and dynamic relation is the most important key to successful long-term partnership. I have been working with customers for more than 8 years in LTP Sales dept. and I see how we can go further relaying on each other’s ideas. How we can grow with, maybe, impossible wishes and do incredible things in a consciously minded manner. I am learning something new every day and this makes me feel present and grounded. So I am curious what the next adventure will be.
“With LTP we always strive to co-create sustainable and technical garments. We affirm that LTP stands for quality and trust their capabilities of making a quality garment.”
Kasper Anker
Head of Sales & Production, Pas Normal Studios