Urban Performance

Expedition Grade Techwear
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Urban performance
Smart garments

We have a passion for trailblazing. LTP are the proud global partner of the next-generation of online-first market leaders. We co-create experimental silhouettes using cutting edge fabrics and innovative manufacturing technologies to engineer the next-generation of techwear and urban performance. Our team of specialists are in pursuit of the next big thing to revolutionise the industry. Real innovation is about disruptive thinking. By fusing science and technology we aim to create tomorrow's clothing today.

Aušra Paulauskienė

Sales Development Manager
"LTP gives me the possibility to grow as a person, specialist, and leader. I am always looking for new technical solutions, future inspiration and the unique possibilities. To work in a sustainable company is very satisfying, and personally I spend time on working with SDG-related projects"
“LTP help us create the future of clothing. When creating the future you have to work with collaborative future facing partners. That is 100% what LTP are for us”
Nick Tidball
Co-founder, Vollebak