Accessories & Alternative Covers

At LTP Furniture we’ve got your cover needs covered. From our ultramodern factories, built on the perfect blend of craftmanship and digitization, we are ready to bring your designs and products to life. We produce designer pillows, seat cushions, speaker covers and virtually all other textile and leather covers from our production setups in Europe and North America. We bring our decades of knowledge to all our in-house manufacturing and sourcing, delivering the highest quality workmanship to each order line we produce for you.

We have the machinery and know-how to fabricate with all manner of different sewing, cutting and construction methods. Always applying diligent attention to detail, we know the crafting of less structured furniture and accessories takes an agile approach and a willingness to think outside the box. Embroidery, Velcro, impeccable and durable seams, don’t be afraid to be inspired by all the places your covers can go.


Comfort and durability do not have to be in competition when you produce with LTP Furniture. We know the possibilities for pillows are vast, which is why we keep an extensive and local supplier network to fulfill all your design wishes. Duck feathers, goose down, sustainable filling, zippers, ties, buttons, you name it we can source and produce it.


Speaker requirements are extremely specific, but function doesn’t have to trump aesthetics. We take every aspect into account when producing for you. From acoustic fabrics that won’t diminish sound quality, to tight cutting and sewing requirements that support an equally high level of design.

Bean Bags

Bean bags have undergone a transformation and these days can be found in a variety of spaces from co-working offices to luxury hotels. From rounded sewing, moisture and heat resistant materials, EPS beads, micro-foam, memory foam, and much more, we at LTP apply our deep manufacturing knowledge to produce premium bean bag furniture while ensuring durability.

Gitana Kazbariene

Chief of Quality

”Quality comes not from inspection, but from improvement of the production process" (W. Edwards Deming”). After more than 15 years it becomes a life style for me and my team at LTP - what we care about."